The Life of Gaia

  Gaia is an orphan.  It is the aspect that defines her, and the one that determines her future.  With no prospects and no way out, it seems like all of her dreams–the ones of adventure, of life beyond the monastery, and of a mysterious man in the dark–will only ever be that.  Dreams.  She doesn’t know that her world is about to be thrown out of balance.  That her life is about to end abruptly, violently.  And when that man offers her another chance, she takes it.

But will this second life really be hers to live?

The Life of Gaia

Book 1 in the Second Life Series

Available to read NOW at!  Click below:

The Life of Gaia is available to read FOR FREE on  If you enjoy the story, please create an account and +Vote each chapter–the more votes, the better the ranking, and the better possibility that others will read it as well!  

Starting in December ’13, Life of Gaia will be updated bi-weekly on Tuesdays.  Never want to miss a chapter?  If you join JukePop and add LOG to your bookshelf, they’ll send you an email every time I update!  So convenient, eh?

If you REALLY want to help, there is a button for donations.  Anything an everything would be appreciated beyond belief.  Writing is my passion, and I will do it no matter what–but not living in a cardboard box is always nice, too.  If I receive $50 in donations, my next update will include TWO chapters instead of one–you can’t beat that!  I’ll also include the names of all supporters in my physical and ebooks when they come out.  Win/win! 

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2 thoughts on “The Life of Gaia

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  2. I’m all caught up to chapter 14 and loving it! For anyone visiting this page who is unsure about whether or not to give Life of Gaia a try … what are you waiting for? DO IT!!!!!

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