Short Stories

Short Stories by Celeste DeWolfe

I thought I would add something here, just to give visitors something to do–a little taste of things to come, as it were!

I have written any and all stories posted here, and they are most obviously copyrighted to me.  DO NOT use anything found here, or try to pass it off as your own–these are for your personal enjoyment only, and meant to be enjoyed on my site.

Several of these have already been published elsewhere, and one was actually the runner-up in a Fiction contest.  They’re early works, however, so be gentle.  There’s also no real guarantee that anything I write in the future will resemble anything found here–I often use different styles depending on my audience and on my book.  These stories were written for classes, and are therefore rather literary in design and execution.

All of that said, I hope you enjoy!  Cheers,


To Burn a Witch – 2011 – Fiction

Mud Puddles and Mistakes – 2010 – Non-Fiction

Watashi no Otousan – 2011 – Non-Fiction

After the Probe – 2010 – Fiction


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