Current Projects

This is the page where you can find any and all of the stories I’m currently working on, fully-formed (for the most part) plots that only need to be put down to paper before they’re ready to be sent off into the world.

If anything happens with my novels, you’ll be the first to know, both on my blog/home page and the News page!

Click the links below to take you to specific book pages.


The Life of Gaia has got its own page now on the top bar, as well as a home where you can read it!

(At the moment, Mercenary is password protected for my own peace of mind.  Not to be paranoid, but in this day and age you have to protect your brain children!  Hopefully in the future, when more of it is written and it is closer to being ready for publication this will change.  For now, if I know you in real life or you are interested in reading the synopsis, feel free to e-mail me asking for the password.  This will just help me keep tabs on who is reading my stuff. :D)


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