About the Writer

As much as I’d like to call myself an author,

it hasn’t happened–yet.  I’m working on it, however, so hopefully this section will be changed/edited/erased in the near future!  (Fingers crossed.)


Celeste: The Short Version

Hi, I’m Celeste, and this is my website.  Welcome!  This is just for those curious people–I know that I tend to look up bios on authors I follow, because I like being reminded that they’re people too.  People writing amazing stories, but leading, ultimately, ordinary lives.  Still, I always want to know them beyond the “So-and-so lives in (Insert a place) in a log cabin with their (insert pet/s) and/or husband and/or children.”

So this is me, in as close to the flesh as you can get through a computer screen.  I’m a real person, sitting on my couch on my laptop and typing this.  I’m actually about to leave to go see Avenue Q.  For the moment I’m still a college student.  I just got done dancing around my apartment in a T-shirt and socks, rocking out to Ke$ha, licking peanut butter off a spoon.  (No really, it happens more than you’d think.)

(Update: Now a recent graduate, working in retail, with less time on my hands and bigger dreams. Also might be teaching English in Korea? Stay tuned!)

Sure I have the third-person spiel about my (boring) life story written up, giving you the long and the short of it.  But for anyone in a hurry, or anyone who wanted just a little bit more, I thought I would write this bit up here.  The truth is that I wasn’t always a popular kid, and books saved my life.  Not in any big, dramatic way that someone could point to or use in a Lifetime movie, but in all the little ways that count.

I’m just a girl, sitting at a computer, hoping that she can make it as an author someday.

Celeste: The Longer Bit

Celeste has always been a great lover of books and literature.  When she was little, she wanted to read so much, she memorized whole books just to give the illusion.  The first book she remembers reading on her own, however, was something about a hippo taking a pink bubble bath.

It quickly snowballed from there into a lifelong love-affair with the written word.  Although it was some time before Celeste considered a career in writing, it had always been hiding under the surface–from penned and directed plays in childhood to detailed fan-fiction in her teens.  In the fourth grade, a teacher praised a story written about a yard-gnome so highly that, for the first time, she truly considered the idea of writing and emulating the art form she held so dear.

Finally, when it came time to pick a major for college, the decision was almost too easy.  Attending Northern Michigan University, Celeste watched her endeavors grow by leaps and bounds, and was able to steep herself more fully in her craft by surrounding herself with other literary minds and writers.

Currently editing her very first full-length novel, Celeste is also volunteering as a reader and editor for several literary magazines, and she has gained experience working for a publishing company in Ireland, getting to know the ins and outs of the business she hopes to be a part of someday.

As a writer, Celeste draws her inspiration from anything and anything, often without realizing it.  Her mind is kind of like a soup, into which many things are thrown and the result is never 100% certain.  Or edible.  Still, some ideas are viable, and it is these that she is currently working on turning into reality.  Celeste doesn’t box herself in too much by genre labels, and instead writes what appeals to her.  She has a wide range of reading experience, which allows her to work in different genres, imparting bits and pieces of others to create something unique and fun.  She prefers fiction for reading, but has occasionally dabbled in writing non-fiction, although has no current plans to pursuit a book on the subject.  Romance makes any story better, in her opinion.

Besides books and writing in all of their forms, Celeste has at least a few other interests.  She obviously enjoys traveling, and has been to several places outside the country, including Japan.  Horses and horseback riding are another favorite past-time–she attended riding camp for six years in her youth, perpetuating the idea that all little girls want ponies; even some older girls.  Sadly, she has to admit she also likes cats, and owns a particularly flighty Maine Coon-mix named Bird.  She spends entirely too much time on the internet, and feeds her addiction to all things nerdy–specifically World of Warcraft and Star Trek.  (Sorry Star Wars fans!)  Spending time with her family is very important, although they’d all like her to move out and get her own life sooner rather than later.  Lovingly, of course.  Being an art and design minor, Celeste also enjoys creating artwork, and considers her eye for aesthetic a huge bonus to her career as an editor and her work as a writer.  She loves to spend hours at a time drawing Star Trek fan-art with her Bamboo tablet, or being frustrated over oil paintings.  However, nothing beats a good old mechanical pencil to doodle in a notebook–especially when it’s over math notes.

Please refer to the ‘Contact‘ page for all comments and queries!


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