Another Birthday For My Poor, Beleaguered Blog!

I never realized how easily time gets away from us, although I really should.  It’s the same reason I can’t play World of Warcraft anymore.  One minute you’re sitting down to it saying ‘just an hour and then I’ll do something productive,’ and then suddenly it’s 9 hours later and you’re like, WHAT AM I DOING WHAT DAY IS IT?!

Anyway, life is like that.  I really had no idea it had been so long since I last posted–it didn’t feel like it.  I guess Korea has been keeping me busy.  Speaking of which, I am obviously still alive and well!  Here are some pictures, since I haven’t posted any in awhile.



Scenic shot of Masan.


School assembly I couldn’t understand!


Kimchi stew, food of the Gods.

Some of the world's most adorable socks live in Korea.

Some of the world’s most adorable socks live in Korea.

Whatever's going on here... xD

Whatever’s going on here… xD

All headed to Dotseom!  (Pig island.)

All headed to Dotseom! (Pig island.)


Teaching is good, life is good, and I’ve made a lot of friends.  It’s actually almost summer vacation!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a summer vacation again.  I miss school, ha ha.

In other news: I recently got to beta-read for Michelle Proulx‘s sequel to Imminent DangerChasing Nonconformity!  I was so happy that she asked I almost did cartwheels.  Luckily I remembered that I can’t, so.  That put an end to that.  Anyway, the point is, it was a FANTASTIC read, and I loved it so much. ❤  I really can’t wait to have a nice shiny copy of it to sit next to my 2 copies of ImminDang.  My comments were probably not all that helpful–mostly fangirling and freaking out in text format–but hopefully she got something useful out of it.

Also, I’ve recently adopted a regular schedule of updates with my webcomic, Love on the Line!  I know, I know, if I have time to draw… but what can I say?  Multi-tasking was never my strong suite.  The point is, it’s got a lot more pages if you haven’t read it recently.

So, that’s my life in a nutshell.  In a couple of weeks I’ll be going on my vacation; have decided to stay in Korea and travel around the Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-do areas.  Should be fun. 🙂  I love spontaneous traveling with no solid plan!

I promise to try and update here more often.  I’ve been out of the writing thing for so long… but I have a few posts I had planned on doing before, so maybe I’ll pick those up and run with it.

Miss you guys!  And again, happy birthday Blog.  ❤  You’re 3 years old now!  You’re a toddler past the terrible 2’s!  And in honor of that, let’s look at some weird blog statistics that you might find funny:

Views are up from last year!!  Not as big a leap as the year before, but considering my blog has mostly been taken up by KOREA for the past year, I’m still pleased.  🙂

What countries are visiting my blog?  Well the USA is by far the #1, but of note are the runners-up–apparently Russia loves my blog, go figure.  Brazil was a close third, followed by Malaysia.  I love being able to see where my viewers are from. 🙂

Last but not least, what were the most common search terms that led to my blog?  This one is HILARIOUS.

beautiful light house urns  Uhm, did I ever write about those…?

boyxboy webcomics  Guilty as charged.

wall-e love images  What now?

k-on eating maize  Who is K-on, and why is he eating corn on my blog?


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