I know!  I haven’t had anything so exciting to update about in a long time–at least that pertained to my own writing!  But I’m pretty psyched to announced that my website here has officially passed 200 posts–yikes!  Who’d have thought I had so much to say, amiright?  Well, I’m more impressed that whatever I’ve been blathering on about, I’ve managed to keep it up relatively regularly for over two years, and 200 posts.

Please, I beg you, keep tuning in for the future!  You’re part of the reason I have the drive to keep wracking my brain for things to write about. 🙂

Next–YES, you heard (read) correctly!  I ACTUALLY updated Life of Gaia!  Chapter 16, edited, can now be read over at Jukepopserials.  It’s the first chapter in…five months?  Seven?  Either way, it was a HELLA long hiatus.  I’m so sorry!!  I’m a terrible person, what can I say?  But I was pretty motivated to get out a new chapter recently, so I did.  Even more surprising, I just finished editing ANOTHER chapter, so you can expect Chapter 17 to pop up on there any day now.  Huzzah!  I might ACTUALLY finish that story some time this decade.

As a last teaser for this update, I wanted to say that I’m planning to do a cover reveal for Gaia sometime soon!  Now, I guess ‘soon’ is kind of relative–let’s say, within the next six months.  I know, I know, that’s really vague…  But since Korea is still up in the air, and since I want to get a few more chapters of the story out first…  Well, with my track record, it could be awhile.  But I HAVE the cover–have had it for awhile–and I’m really eager to show it to everyone.  First, though, I might need some help with the synopsis… But we’ll leave that for another post.

Thanks again, everyone!  Even those of you who hang out on the sidelines, I really appreciate your support.  ❤



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