Obligatory Post on San Diego!

As I may have mentioned at one point or another, I went to visit a friend from college for a week last month…  IN SUNNY SAN DIEGO! =D  I’ve never been to California before, so that was new.  I’d also never been in the Pacific Ocean before, either, so also new!  🙂  Work is super-slow during January, so it was the perfect time to go and have an adventure.

Unfortunately, my friend was sick most of the week, but I managed to still get out and about and do some fun stuff.  The highlights were definitely jet-skiing, the beach, a Korean spa, and whale watching!  And, you know, there was the whole 65-70-degrees-and-cloudless-sun the whole week, too.  That didn’t hurt at all.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures at the spa (you know, naked people and all,) but it was called Aqua Day Spa, and I really had a good time!  Not only did I get over my fears of public nudity, I also got the scrub-down of my life, courtesy of a small middle-aged Korean lady.  I haven’t been that clean since I was born, GUARANTEED.  Man, I just love new experiences. 🙂

So here!  Have some pictures. 🙂  (Sorry for the crummy quality on some–my phone probably has some good points, but camera isn’t one of them.)


Middle-of-the-road selfie! With pretty mountains in the background. ❤


I was incredibly daring, and took a walk in a park APPARENTLY frequented by mountain lions?! So brave.


Katie and I got this epic six-layer chocolate cake to share! It took us 3 days to finish. Totally worth it.


Saturday I drove to Coronado Beach! After braving San Diego weekend traffic, I ended up here, at this lovely beach. ❤


Occasionally I fancy myself some kind of photographer or something. 😛


Whale watching tour!


Pretty, sunny harbor pic!


Just a selfie to remind you I was there. 🙂


Ate at a Korean restaurant in Kearney Mesa, just down the street from the spa. Soooo delicious!!


Harbor seals!!! Soooo cute. >w<



Some scrubby, scenic San Diego mountains, in what they consider ‘the country’.


A little baby waterfall on my walk through mountain-lion-infested terrain.


Visited Fashion Valley to say hello to a sister-Macy’s! This one was super fancy–but it was also surrounded by like, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and the like, so that made sense.


I like this pic! =) This was me in the middle of my friend’s apartment complex.


Katie and I after I got there! So warm, so sunny… ~


There I am, visiting the Pacific Ocean for the first time!! (Though the bigger draw was getting to lay there and watch shirtless guys walk by… Yeahhhh…)


A really cool tree outside the San Diego Museum of Natural History!


We saw a King Tut exhibit at the NAT. It was pretty interesting!!




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