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That’s right!  Burgeoning author Michelle Proulx, my bud over at this site, has finally got her book, Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, up for sale under her own power!  That’s right–totally self-published now!  To celebrate its new management, and just to be totally awesome, Michelle has set it up so that you can, for a short time, get the chance to read her story–COMPLETELY FREE!

Go ahead, take a second.  It’s pretty mind-boggling.

Are you good?  Sweet!

I’m never really sure how these work, because I’ve never done one before, or even taken advantage of one–and I personally own Michelle’s book already, in both forms!  (And actually twice in book form!)  So I’m not sure if you need to be a subscribed member of Amazon or not.  (If so, no big deal–you can do a 30 day trial for free!)

Maybe not.  Again, I should get clarification on that.

Either way, this is apparently going on today, January 31, and tomorrow, February 1st.  So don’t hesitate, and pick up a copy for free!  And if you need an account to get the free one, and you’re not about that life, then dude, just pay the 2.99 and get the girl a cup of coffee.  She works hard, and seriously, it’s a fun book. 🙂  I should know.  (I mentioned I have it 3x over, right?)

Schwoop!  (You’ll get it later.)



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