What Surprises Will 2015 Hold?!

 photo sonyadarrienxmas_zps0ef54a32.png

Here’s a Christmas-themed picture I drew of my characters Sonya and Darrien!


Yes!  Finally, time to write up my New Year’s blog post!  Because, as you all have probably noticed, we are now into 2015, believe it or not.  While I’m not sure if I want to go so far as to make ‘resolutions’ (because I always break mine, and then I feel guilty about it,) I do have some… maybe ‘hopes’, for the new year?  Which is only natural!  It’s a new year, after all!  If nothing else, everyone must mentally start tacking up a new ‘To Do’ list in their brains, yeah?

Last year was still very much a floating year for me, at least in the beginning.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, or where I was going.  Luckily, I did finally land on an idea, that blossomed into a lot of hard work–going to Korea!  And while I’m still working on that, it is very much up in the air at the moment.  (And I still intend to do a separate post about all of that, so I won’t bore you with the details.)  However, I’m much more comfortable this year just having a goal to aim towards as far as my life and my future.  (And the idea that I might not have to work at Macys for the rest of my life is reassuring!)

Last year, consequently, was a pretty awful year as far as productivity goes, ha ha.  After March, I didn’t touch my story at all.  NOT GOOD!  I didn’t write much, either, sorry to say it.  And I could be mistaken, but I don’t think I read more than 2 or 3 books.  (Wears the Cone of Shame.)  I was able to trudge along with my comic, barely, but not on a very regular basis.  All in all, I would have to say that I sucked as far as my commitment to creative ventures in 2014.

But that’s okay!  We’re trying to be positive here, and instead of dwelling on all the ways I failed last year, I want to focus on what I can do to turn that around this year. 🙂

Namely, by being less lazy and making some kind of schedule.  (Because those always work, right?!)  I still stand by what I said–this isn’t a RESOLUTION.  It’s like, a gameplan.  Yeah, let’s go with that!

So what’s the gameplan for 2015?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

Here are my current plans:

January 13-20 I will be in San Diego, visiting a friend of mine from college.  That week will be full of adventuring and running around in California, so you can expect to find me MIA for several days.  (Of course I’ll be writing a post on San Diego and my trip, though, if only to inundate you with pictures!)

That aside, here is what I’d like to do.

  • Monday will be a blog post! (Yes, this totally counts as the first!)
  • Tuesday will be write something day. (Story preferably, but I’m not going to box myself in.)
  • Wednesday will continue to be comic update day!
  • Thursday will be another blog post!
  • Friday will be edit LOG day! (Maybe get some more chapters up on Jukepop!)
  • Saturdays and Sundays will be free days, but I’d like to do some reading on those days that I could use for reviews and such.

Again: DEFINITELY NOT A RESOLUTION!  I don’t want any pressure, you know?  But I don’t see how this couldn’t be totally reasonable, and productive, if followed.  It’s got a little bit of everything, instead of trying to spread myself too thin or cut something out.  Granted, if I actually DO get into Korea, this might have to change a little bit…  but I’ll re-adjust if/when the time comes.

For anyone who wondered, I had a great holiday!  🙂  This year was a little crazy and hectic, and it snuck up on all of us, but we managed to make it work around being spread out and everyone have their own busy schedules.  I survived my managerial position, thank GOD, and am back to normal now.  I also nearly froze my butt off on New Year’s Eve, but since I got to go out and pretend I’m not like an 80 year old woman, it was totally worth it.

What about you guys?  How were your holidays?  How do you feel about resolutions?  Do you have any ‘gameplans’ going into the new year? 🙂

Happy 2015, dear readers!!  Let’s make this the best one yet!



One thought on “What Surprises Will 2015 Hold?!

  1. You survived the holidays! Huzzah!

    So it’s now the end of January — did you manage to follow your schedule? 😀

    My resolution was basically to stress less and write more. I don’t think I’m actually writing very much at the moment, but I did FINALLY get Imminent Danger re-published, so that’s a win. And I’m doing lots of writing for work so … that counts, right?

    Yes to your LOG plan! I want more Gaia!

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