That’s Doctor T to You, Buddy

Hey again!

Still not doing anything productive over here… Well, at least not for me anyway. xD  But since Christmas is around the corner and I still haven’t wrapped anything, PROBABLY that’s not going to happen before New Years.  Sorry!!

Anyway, I wanted to draw something, so I continued in my quest to illustrate all of the scenes from Michelle Proulx‘s novel Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It!  I’m not even close–by the time I finish the first book the series will probably be done–but it’s fun, and I always appreciate Michelle’s reactions. 🙂  She’s such a good sport~

So have this picture in lieu of anything else!  I DO have posts/updates planned for after my Korea venture is more settled/I have less hours at work, but we’ll just have to wait for those.

 photo nohopeofrescue_zps0c9171c2.png

As you can see, while Eris and Miguri are no longer Varrin’s captives, they’ve been sold for scientific experimentation!  And a weird ball of light is snapping orders at them about nicknames!  With their track record, can they possibly get out without ending someplace much worse?!

Well, I already know, because I read the book. 😛  PS: I had a lot of fun figuring out how to draw Doctor T.  You don’t draw a floating ball of light every day, you know.



6 thoughts on “That’s Doctor T to You, Buddy

  1. I LOVE IT!!! First of all, EXCELLENT job on Doctor T! I don’t know much about creating art, but however you did it, he looks awesome 😀 And, as always, I love trying to decipher the characters’ expressions. Eris looks extremely concerned — and I’m not sure if that’s because she’s upset at her new captivity, or because she really, really wants to touch Doctor T and knows it’s a terrible idea. And Miguri’s just like “I don’t know what the heck is going on here, and I’m too old and jaded to care”. Best birthday present ever!!! (Okay, not quite true — when I was sixteen, my parents took me to Rome — but other than that, WOOO!!!)

    • xD Well, I don’t blame you–a trip to Rome as your birthday present IS pretty unbeatable. (Unless of course your parents are rich and you’re used to getting yachts and stuff, then you’re probably kind of jaded.) But I’m glad I rank so highly! =D ^^ Yeah, Eris is pretty much feeling a combination of all of those things–very apprehensive. She’s shooting Miguri the ‘what the heck do we do now?’ and ‘is this floating ball of light serious?’ look. And Miguri, unfortunately a natural captive and by-necessity survivalist, is giving her the ‘i don’t know either, but don’t piss it off or try to make out with it, because see how that worked last time’ face.
      It was fun to draw them again!! And also apparently in all the hubbub Eris lost her hair tie, which is fine since she won’t need it soon. >o>

      • LOL. Foreshadowing alert. Also, LOL at “don’t try to make out with it”. Not that Eris is that silly, but with her track record, definitely within the realm of possibility.

      • xD She and Miguri haven’t known each other that long yet–he doesn’t know WHAT she’s capable of. If she can make out with a Rakorsian, she could make out with anybody. She’s a rogue horse, that one.

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