Upcoming: Series of Posts on Publishing!

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been awhile. Unfortunately, it looks like that will be par the course for awhile as I try to navigate all these paperwork deadlines, online classes, language studies and everyday work stuff.

BUT, I’ve decided to pick a subject that I can do several posts on, just so that there’s some fresh content floating around here–and not just Kdrama runthroughs, but stuff that actually has to do with writing! (Go figure.)

This all stemmed out of the fact that about a week and a half ago, I was contacted by the old leader of my creative writing group at the library. She said that our next meeting was going to be one on publishing, and it was featured on the library’s ‘How-To’ schedule of workshops–but unfortunately, our original speaker wasn’t going to be able to make it. Since she knew that Ed (another member of the group) and I were the only ones to really have any experience getting into publishing, she asked if we would talk about our experiences.

Well, I don’t suppose you know much about me, but know this–I absolutely LOVE talking to a crowd. Public speaking is, strangely enough, one of my favorite things. This was an opportunity the likes of which I haven’t gotten since college, so I happily jumped at it, pleased to even be asked. I think it went well–most of the people in the group or who attended are pretty novice writers, or casual writers, so I’m not sure they will ever get to put our tips to the test. But still! The response was great, as evidenced by the fact that I talked myself hoarse over the course of an hour, and nobody left. Someone even asked me to sign the business card I had given them. (I handed them out at the beginning of the meeting–always gotta promote yourself!) A couple people asked me questions, one lady even wanted to know about ME PERSONALLY!

Let’s just say, I was pretty excited.

I’ve managed to glean a lot of things about publishing in the time I’ve been researching all the options for my own books. Obviously I haven’t quite gotten to the finished-product part, but I know some things. Up until now, however, I felt a little weird about publishing any of my knowledge on here–because, I don’t know, I felt that none of it was mine, and it was stuff I had gotten from other people? But isn’t that the basis of research? You mostly learn off everyone else’s, and if you’re lucky, you have a little bit from your own experience to add to the mix?

SO, tl;dr, I’m going to start writing some posts about publishing, and what I’ve discovered along the way. Maybe it’s stuff you already know, or common knowledge, or….I don’t know. But on the off-chance that a real newbie stumbles across my blog and gets something out of the posts, I hope they will be of use to him/her. 🙂

Not sure when these will begin to make an appearance, but I’m hoping next week! So stay tuned, and I hope everyone is doing well as we find ourselves entering fall.



In honor of fall, here is a picture of me at the zoo, in a big’ol grandpa sweater, riding a turtle. (FAKE, of course!)


4 thoughts on “Upcoming: Series of Posts on Publishing!

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t been by your blog in almost a month. SHAME! In other news, your posts on publishing sound excellent and I’m very excited to read them. As I’m getting started on publishing Imminent Danger again (sans iUniverse), I need to learn everything I can.

    Also … TURTLE!

    • I know, right?! That’s what I’m saying! But since not much has been going on around here, I totally understand. 🙂 Well, probably nothing you don’t already know, but hey! (Also, I actually took your book and used it in my demonstration, as well as talking about how nobody should use iUniverse, LOL.)

      • Ha! Well, at least my book’s useful for something, lol. It was also useful in helping me figure out how to re-format it for Createspace — at least in terms of what goes in a book, how the headers look, etc. etc. If you ever need advice on print book formatting in Word, by the way, I know literally everything now.

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