My Website is a Toddler!

A couple of weeks ago, the birthday of my website passed by relatively unnoticed–as in, I got a notification, and then promptly forgot to write about it.  (Sorry, website!)  But I just wanted to let everyone know that this is probably the LONGEST-going project I have ever tried to commit myself to, and every time I get a page view, or a comment, I feel like everything was worth it.  🙂  And not just because of you guys, or that I have a place to call my own where I can blather on about being unproductive, but because it always means that my writing, my goals, and where I want to be someday, are in front of me.  Every time I open the webpage that is solely mine, it’s a reminder of what I was trying to accomplish two years ago–and what I still want to create.

So thank you for two years, WordPress!  Here’s to more good times between us. 😉

Maybe you’ll even get to see that book I keep talking about!


Aaaaaand here’s a Jiro Wang picture for you (me) since I haven’t posted one in awhile!  (FOR SHAME.)

((He’s so pretty, it really should be illegal. *drool*))


6 thoughts on “My Website is a Toddler!

  1. Hahaha I love how he seductively pulls aside the collar of his ridiculously short jacket, as if it weren’t exposing enough already.

    Happy blog birthday! (Almost mistyped that and wrote “blob” birthday, which is weird, because I don’t think you own a pet blob?) May I just say on behalf of my fellow bloggers that I love having you here, and can’t wait to see what you post in the future. Specifically, when you post that your book is for sale. I’m really looking forward to that day. But also to all the posts in between then and now!

    • Oh man, really? That was MY favorite part of the gif too! 8D ❤ *Insert pervy nosebleed gif here.*

      Thank you!!! And no, my pet blob's birthday is in November, ha ha. ^^ I can't wait to see what I post in the future either–my guess would be more interesting(useless) posts about Kdramas, and maybe something about writing…?
      But seriously, I'm so happy to have met some great people through this endeavor. 🙂 (Like you!) And I humbly appreciate your continued interest.


  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! I have so very much enjoyed trailing along on your writer’s journey with you and look forward to doing so for many more years!

    (why is he so pretty? how does one reach that level of pretty??? <3! )

    • Aw, Cat! =D My correspondence with you is one of the best things I could have taken away from Deviantart and ST:TOT. I also can’t wait to see what your perseverance will bring!

      (And I DON’T KNOW!! I was watching a drama with him in it, and I just had to keep pausing it to roll around on my bed and squeal “WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!” over and over. True story.)

    • Ha ha, I love Rocket News! I’m always reading stuff from that site. xD
      And yeah, that totally needed a word, if only because your description of it took a lot of them, and if one wants to casually bring that up in conversation, they should be able to do it simply and easily.

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