I Got Something Awesome in the Mail! VLOG!

Oh no, she’s at it again! …And by she, I mean me!

YUP.  I made a vlog.  Spent about 2 hours messing with it today, after remembering how to work Movie Maker, and also finding the USB that had the music on it.  But I digress.

I got something pretty sweet in the mail today, so I was psyched up to share it with you. ^^  Please forgive the video quality, and also my general lack of ability to talk at cameras, and enjoy!

((Music, “Dragonfly”, by Brian Boyko!))

Seriously, SO happy that I won Michelle’s giveaway. ❤  I’ll treasure my swag forever!!  =D

(PS: I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 tonight!  It was pretty good!)

(PPS: Tomorrow is Productive Wednesday!  The boys were being babies because they want me to help them with their comic, and apparently I’m ‘ignoring’ them, but I’ll try to get a few things of my own done anyway.)

(PPPS: Did you think I would let you leave without a picture of Jiro Wang?  PSSHT.)


8 thoughts on “I Got Something Awesome in the Mail! VLOG!

  1. HARDBACK??? Freaking sweet! I bought my copy as an ebook as well so I didn’t know about the cute little stars on the chapter marks. Now that makes me want an actual copy, haha!

    • RIGHT?! Well, first of all, thanks for sitting through 7 minutes of me rambling and saying ‘uhm, uh,’ lol. xD ❤ Second, I was very happy with the book! It even has the title and Michelle's name imprinted in the book itself, not just the dust jacket, which TOTALLY looks legit to me. It's a shame that iUniverse are so awful to work with, ha ha. I was so happy though, in case you couldn't tell–I never win anything, so it was a great surprise!

  2. Okay, first of all, my abject apologies for taking like a week to see this, lol. In my defense, I did actually hit that “email me when a new post goes up” thing, but apparently it doesn’t work. So … yeah. Lol.

    YAYYYY! I’m glad you enjoyed your prize 😀 I didn’t except an awesome reaction vlog about it, so that was a super awesome surprise. I, too, enjoy smacking my hardcover books against my hand in order to feel their solidity — ain’t the hardcover purdy? It makes me slightly sad to know that I won’t have hardcovers anymore once I leave iUniverse … so I guess people should get them while they can, lol.

    I shall reblog this most excellent vlog for the world to enjoy — I suspect that at the very least my mother will get a kick out of it 🙂 Have a LOVELY Sunday, and continue to be the absolutely coolest blogger I will ever have the fortune of meeting.

    • Ha ha, you’re OK! 🙂 I’ve really been awful about posting anything regularly, so you’re not missing much… But I’m glad you found your way here, since I really did want you to see how much I enjoyed my prize!! =D Plus I showed the book to all of my friends/family members, who agreed it was a sight to behold, and congratulated me on my good fortune. 😉

      No hardcover is sad, but the pretty new cover kind of makes up for it…? I feel like I will need to get that one as well, just because I can’t imagine not having both, but I feel just chuffed as nuts to be able to say I have a SIGNED, HARDBACK COPY of the ORIGINAL ImminDang book. <–As well as knowing that inside joke, ha ha!

      ^^ Aw, back at you dear!!! I still have hope that I will be able to make the 4 hour drive and really MEET meet you at some point. Then I can prove to my parents that talking to people on the interwebs really does count as a social life, LOL;;;.

      And AWWWWW, you called me cool!!! You're pretty cool too. ^^

      • And that’s how you’ll know you’re an Imminent Danger hipster — the fact that you refer to it by its true title, ImminDang. Which for some reason just brought to mind the song Mississippi Goddamn. Hmm …

        There’s a slight hitch in your plan to prove my existence — I’ll actually be moving out to the East Coast in the fall (Halifax, baby!). Also, I’m pretty sure you’re moving to Korea, lol. That being said, you’re welcome to come visit me in lobster-land anytime you like 🙂

      • Wah ha ha, oh no! xD Go figure. Well, sounds like a pretty cool place you’re moving to, though! Although it might not be as easy, and who knows when, I will still take your agreement and perhaps show up there someday. xDD I need to see more of Canada anyway, what the heck.

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