Objects At Rest…

You want to know what’s really sad?  I realized I haven’t read a single book this summer.  Not one.  And I don’t know why.  Well, part of it is that I don’t have the kind of money to spend on books that I used to, so all the spontaneously-bought-at-the-store books I used to read are out.  But that’s not really an excuse, when I could go to the library and rent some for free.

But if I do that, I have to make it a trip.  I have to go through the rows trying to find something interesting, and hope that I like it.  I need to find the time.  Which seems like so much work.

And it’s scaring me, my total apathy towards the whole enterprise.

I seem to be having that problem with a lot of things lately.  I think that a problem with my personality is that I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person.  I throw myself into one thing or another, and towards THAT I am all-encompassing.  You’ll never find a more passionate soul.  But except for that one thing, everything else goes to the wayside.  It’s like I only have enough energy inside myself to fuel one thing at a time, and absolutely no overflow to motivate the other aspects of my life.


Right now, all of that is going towards my Korean interests.  I faithfully continue to watch dramas and learn the language.  I watch Youtube videos, read travel blogs, listen to KPop.  Everything else?  Er, well.  I guess I still have you, blog. **Hugs the blog.**

I keep thinking of ways I can motivate myself above and beyond my usual apathy.  Unfortunately, I am not a very self-motivated person, which is one of the reasons I can’t figure out why I thought I should go into a self-motivation-driven career.  I mean, writer??  Really??  Dear lord.  Anyway, I haven’t come up with much.  I have thought about mapping out my days into chunks, and then making myself follow the schedule, but who am I kidding?

An object at rest will usually stay at rest.  I did learn something from physics back in high school.  And if there’s no real impetus, no driving force, nothing at stake, I can always convince myself (much more easily) that the schedule was more of a guideline anyway, and not something I need to stick to.  The only one counting on me is myself, and I am a very lazy taskmaster, to say the least.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Any ways you have of motivating yourself?  Of avoiding the pitfalls of complacency and getting things ACCOMPLISHED?

I would really love to know, because while the spirit is willing, the body is spongy and really, really lazy.


(As a final note, have a picture of the ridiculously sexy Jiro Wang.  He is NOT Korean, but actually Taiwanese, and all rippling muscles and pretty face… You get this mostly because I want someone to fangirl with me.)


4 thoughts on “Objects At Rest…

  1. Can I first just saw that I loved this post? Your couch potato and cone of shame imagery truly touched me on a spiritual level, haha!
    I think sometimes we all need little breaks to be couch potatoes, to allow ourselves some leisure of ignoring the tasks to be done. I mean, if George R. R. Martin can take five years to write a book, surely we can take a few weeks to ignore some of our non-imminent responsibilities. And that’s a motto to live by, really. Can you get this task done before GRRM comes out with another book? If yes, hooray! You’re a productive adult and still run the possibility of being wildly successful in your endeavors. If no, then it might be time to reevaluate your life goals. xD
    So really, you’re in good shape.

    But on a more serious note, I don’t think you should beat yourself up about any kind of ‘lack of activity’ problem you think you have. It seems to me to be part of some general artistic process. We all to some extent are creatures of passion and from those sporadic moments are born our contributions to society. “Write every day”, yes, just as Stephen King says but I doubt if everything Stephen King has ever written is put into print for public consummation. (well, maybe his are. He is extremely prolific in terms of writing but you know what I’m saying)

    If nothing else, please keep us updated on your ventures into Korean culture. I happen to enjoy looking at shirtless Asian men. You’re providing a public service. 😉

    • Awww, thanks Cat. ❤ You really know how to make a girl feel better, and put things in perspective! (Because yeah man, compared to 5 years, I'm moving at lightning speed!) You seem to be doing really well with your own productivity lately–I mean, hitting 10k AND managing to still exercise?? That's admirable. I'm so jealous. x)

      But I know what you mean. I always feel so guilty when I read about those writers who write 'every day,' who are so prolific, who can somehow have that magic pouring out of their friggiin' fingertips all the time. But, as another friend of mine pointed out, sometimes you just have to go where your passion leads you–even if it makes you look as ADD as a squirrel looking for nuts. We're just programmed that way, I guess!

      And no worries. 🙂 Since Korean stuff seems to be all that my spastic goldfish-brain can handle these days, you can expect to be regaled with it regularly… And I will continue to provide the shirtless Asian men, because I love them and they are literally what fuel me these days, I'm convinced. xDD (Plus, public service! It's my duty!)
      🙂 Ah, Jiro Wang, your six-pack gives me super strength.

  2. Jiro Wang is indeed one sexy beefcake 😀 I’m 100% on board the fangirl train, so no worries about having empty seats beside you.

    Motivation. Umm … well, I tend to get motivated by the most random stuff, so I’m not sure what help I’ll be. Sometimes I’m just like doing dishes or something and then I have to run off halfway through to go write something. It’s unfathomable. But hey, at least you’ve identified your couch potato problem — that’s step one!

    • I just want to point out that YOU were the one who called him a sexy beefcake first, NOT me. That being said, I agree whole-heartedly, and am glad to have other people in line with tickets to the gun show. (And also the washboard-ab show, because OH EM GEE.) Fully expect to be inundated with pictures of him from now until the foreseeable future.

      Ha ha! Well, I don’t do a lot of dishes, so unfortunately that is out. </3 But I see what you mean. I need to spend more time doing things idly so that my mind can brood over my ideas, but unfortunately my mind is usually preoccupied over whatever current drama I'm watching, LOL. It really needs to get with the program and learn to multi-task. 😛

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