Coming Soon: Productive Wednesdays!

It’s always a bit of a relief (and maybe slightly worrisome) when I realize that many of my friends have the same penchant I do for procrastination, starting things without finishing them, generally being lazy, etc.  It’s like, yay, I’m not the only one who is totally unproductive!  And then that’s followed by guilt for being SO UNPRODUCTIVE.  But at least it’s shared guilt, so… yay?

Anyway!  While talking with a couple of friends who have their own projects that they shamelessly neglect, we thought that perhaps getting together one day a week and trying REALLY HARD to get stuff done might be to our mutual best interest.  They’re some cool guys–they both went to college for artistic endeavors, and are currently planning the pants off of a really intricate-sounding webcomic.  Whether or not it ever comes to fruition might be dependent on our ability to stick to our guns.


I tend not to work a lot in the middle of the week, since retail obviously revolves more around the weekends.  One of my friends is currently unemployed, so hey, free time galore!  And the other (lucky son of a gun) works a ‘real job,’ which means he’s off in the evenings.

We already had a trial run last week, but unfortunately this week they both had the flu.  (They went to an anime convention last weekend and got sick, the silly geese.)  However, starting next week, we’re going at this hard-core!  I guess it works, at least a little bit–I managed to put out 2 comic pages last Wednesday.  Go me!  (In case you forgot I even do a comic, here’s a link.)  Next time, I think I will focus on story and blog-related endeavors.

Even though 1 day a week–and not even a whole day–doesn’t sound like much, compared to the pretty much ZERO time spent on that stuff right now, I think it will be a huge improvement.  It’s just hard to find the time unless I SPECIFICALLY SET TIME ASIDE, you know?  And even then, when it’s just me by myself, there’s nothing stopping me from deciding (unanimously) that the time could be better spent doing lazy things…  And then there you go, nothing happens.

Anyway, wish me luck!  I miss feeling proud of my accomplishments, lol, and Lord knows I don’t get that kind of satisfaction from work.

Missing you guys!



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