Some More Korean Dramas!!!

I’m still in the midst of my current fascination–K-dramas!  (Remember back when I said I can get a little obsessive?  Yeah, well.  You were warned.)  At least for the moment, I literally can’t drum up the interest to watch anything else.  People keep asking me if I’ve seen the finale or latest episode of this-or-that current show, and I’m like, nope.  But I did just watch a very interesting K-drama!  My dad likes to make fun of me and calls them my Asian soap-operas.  He’s so hopeless. 😛

So, in the interest of wanting to post more and literally having not much else to talk about lately, I decided to just do another post about the dramas I’ve watched since my last post!  (Huzzah!)  I’ll try not to spoil anything, and just give the gist–and what I liked (or *gasp!* disliked.)  Although I’m sure the rest of you out there have much better, more fulfilling lives than I do, if you happen to be in need of visual stimulation and decide to watch one of them, I hope you’ll let me know how you liked it. :)) (Or if you agree with my assessment.)

(And, just for your information, I ended up breaking down and getting a subscription, so I don’t have to watch all the stupid ads and can get through them faster.  Totally worth it.  No regrets.)

1. Heirs

Otherwise known as ‘The Inheritors,’ with the super-awesome tagline ‘He who wears the crown must bear the crown.’  I realized, looking at my last post, that I kept misspelling Lee Min Ho’s name. 8o  SORRY DEAR, I FIXED IT.  Anyway, I was pining for his adorable face, and heard that Heirs was a popular one, so I watched it.  Let me start by saying, OH MY GOD, WHO WAS THE COSTUME DIRECTOR?!  Lee Min Ho’s character, Kim Tan, wears some of the most awkwardly ugly sweaters in this show that you have ever seen (or will ever see) outside of a Goodwill.  Holy crow.

Just why??

Not that this would stop me from watching, but yikes!  Anyway, the main girl, Eun Sang, is played by Park Shin Hye, who was also in You’re Beautiful from my last list.  She’s in a lot!  The story seems a bit complicated at first, with a lot of separate characters and storylines running around.  Basically it’s the world of big business, with all of these kids who stand to INHERIT (get it?) their parents legacies–along with all the responsibilities and strains that puts on them.  Not a new plot by any means, but it’s still a good story.  Kim Tan’s relationship with his brother is a strong point, as is the working relationship between the two main character’s mothers.

Other highlights–the ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE American acting in the first few episodes; second-male-lead Young Do’s crazy eyebrows; and Lee Bo Na’s hilariously PERFECT thrown-in English.  Plus, Min Ho manages to get a semi-makeout in on Shin Hye, who isn’t exactly well known for good kisses.  (I read somewhere she had no idea it was coming, which probably explains it.)  Another show where talking would have probably cleared up a lot of issues, and parents are the main Big Bad…  But it’s got a lot of heart, as well as ugly sweaters and dreamcatchers.

2. Secret Garden

This was in the gender-bend section, plus the premise sounded fun, so I gave it a go.  (Yes, even though I didn’t know any of the actors.)  Really enjoyed it!  The first few episodes were a bit slow in setting up the characters and plot, but it was necessary, and the show quickly picks up from there.  Another show where the main lead has to wear some really ridiculous clothes–this time in the form of weird, shiny, sequin track suits.  ???  I’m not sure I will ever understand Korean fashion sometimes, LOL.

Haters gonna hate.

So we have Joo Won who, not surprisingly, is heir to a department store.  (I’ve realized this is a popular thing, owning department stores.  Or malls.  Or whatever.)  His cousin is a singer whose career isn’t what it once was.  (Side-plot.)  Anyway, through a mix-up, Joo Won ends up meeting stunt actress Ra Im, who is a kick-ass sort of gal who (understandably) makes fun of his track suit.  She also gets a lot of flak for her job.  Her boss is hot, and has a thing for her.  Etc etc.  But then s**t gets real when they drink some mysterious wine and switch bodies!!  (This is also where everything really gets hilarious.)

At heart it’s another show about rich-guy wanting to be with poor-girl, but his parents are being jerks about it.  And this mother really is a doozy.  But there’s enough interesting side-bits thrown in to make it a little different, like the body-swapping, and the fact that he is kind of neurotic–not to mention claustrophobic!  The ending is really sweet, and my favorite bit–you get practically an ENTIRE EPISODE to see them live happily-ever-after at the end, which is more than you ever get with these.  ❤  (Also, there is a reoccurring bit about the Little Mermaid, and towards the end it’ll make you laugh through your tears… Or maybe that was just me.)

3. My Love from Another Star

This was a recommendation by a Korean friend of mine, and oh my gosh, was it an emotional punch to the gut.  I was on pins-and-needles pretty much the whole time.  It was one of those things you see (or read, or do) that will just stay with you, you know?  I should have figured, with its scifi aspects and all.

SO.  In this we have Do Min Joon, an alien who got stuck on Earth due to sad circumstances 400 years ago, and the time when he can go back is quickly approaching when he meets superstar Cheon Song Yi, who at first seems like someone you wouldn’t like but quickly wins you over with her absolute nuttiness.  As an alien, Min Joon has some sweet powers–he can hear much better, teleport, move things with his mind…  You know, all that kind of TOTALLY AWESOME STUFF.  Which is put hard at work trying to keep Song Yi alive when he finds himself begrudgingly having to help her.  (Because she looks like someone from his lengthy past.)

I really don’t have a negative thing to say, even though I thought I was going to lose it a few times.  The suspense was really executed perfectly in this, and if you, like me, can really suspend your disbelief and follow along with the story, you’ll find yourself doing the same.  I cried BUCKETS during this drama.  Because as it goes on, you realize Min Joon HAS to leave…  So how are they going to be together?  This series also cemented Kim Soo Hyun as one of my favorite K-drama boys  (See: Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk,) and was the first that had music I actually looked up and wanted to listen to. (My Destiny FTW.)

((And, as a side note, if you happen to watch–I TOTALLY downloaded the LINE app for my phone, because they had stickers specifically for this drama, where Min Joon is a bear and Song Yi is a rabbit!  SO CUTE. @v@))

4. Pretty Man

After the rollercoaster that was Love from Another Star, I really needed something simple, so I decided on Pretty Man.  It really fit the bill!  In this questionable storyline, my dear Geun Suk plays Dok Go Ma Te, who is apparently God’s gift to women, with an ego to match.  He gets by basically by attaching himself to rich women.  (Yeesh!)  His mom’s friend’s daughter, Kim Bo Tong, has been pining after this jerk for years.  Bo Tong, for reference, is totally adorable.  Anyway!  When his mom dies, a mysterious woman comes up to Ma Te and tells him that for him to finally meet his father, who hasn’t been in the picture, he has to start up a company and make himself powerful.  To do this, he has to sell a warehouse full of socks–and also learn from several powerful women, apparently by making them fall in love with him and then using them.


So, okay.  Setting aside the really terrible messages, and keeping in mind that I was mostly watching this for eye-candy, we follow along as Ma Te gets Bo Tong to work for him, and they manage to sell the socks to a home shopping network.  Enter the Second Male Lead, David Choi, who is ALSO quirkily adorable, and falls head-over-heels for Bo Tong.  Wah wah wah, we all know this isn’t going anywhere, but it’s kind of sad, because they are SO SIMILAR.  (Just a note: never get attached to the second male lead.  It’s not going to happen, so why set yourself up for heartbreak?)  Pretty Man is never going to win any awards.  It has Jang Geun Suk, although with some unfortunate haircuts, and the SOOO cute Bo Tong, but pretty much no other claims to fame–and as for kissing, you get one.  AT THE VERY END.  *Pulls out hair*

5. Bride of the Century

Starring Lee Hong Ki as the main guy, Kang Ju, we have another paranormal story in Bride.  (This time ghosts, not aliens.)  I was wondering how I would feel about the same guy who played Jeremy in You’re Beautiful as the male lead, but actually he did very well as a more mature character, so yay!  (The dark hair helped.)  ANOTHER guy whose family owns a ton of stuff, including (you guessed it) a department store, Kang Ju is engaged to marry Yi Kyung.  He’s a huge jerk to her, however–probably because he’d rather be marrying his life-long BFF.  Unknown to anyone else, Kang Ju’s mother has a plan going–see, there’s this rumor that the first wife of the first son in their family always dies.

Hence, marry someone inconsequential to Kang Ju, then let him marry the other girl.  Good plan.  Not terrible at all.

But Yi Kyung and her mother find out about this plot.  Their answer?  Just switch her out for a look-alike!  Luckily they have one–innocent, hardworking Doo Rim, who lives with her granny by the sea and has literally never bothered anyone.  But in need of money, she gets suckered into this complicated mess–and, of course, ends up falling for Kang Ju, where the feelings are mutual.

There are a few more kisses in this, not to mention an implied bed scene–so that’s nice.  Plus, in the beginning when Doo Rim (as Yi Kyung) and Kang Ju are getting to know one another, you get some really cute bits.  The stuff with the ghost is also really interesting, and culminates in a sweet backstory that is very sad, but makes the happy ending feel more earned.  However, towards the end there is a sad bit where the characters get separated for a long period of time, and I always hate that!  Plus, at times I thought we saw very little of Kang Ju after the initial falling-in-love stuff…  Darn!

Ugh.  K-dramas, man.  They mess with your head.

Kdrama wisdom.

So!  I’ve watched a few more, but since my descriptions were longer this time, I didn’t want to bore you all into comas.  I’ll save those for the next list.  (And, if you’re lucky, there might even be a post or two between them!)

Do any of these look interesting to you?  Do you all think I’m wasting a lot of time?   Ha ha, probably. xD  I won’t lie.  But I refuse to apologize, because I love it so much. ❤  And watching them HAS actually been helping me a bit with my Korean.  That’s worth it, right?  Right??  >___>

See you all next time!



4 thoughts on “Some More Korean Dramas!!!

  1. I have determined that the correct way to kiss a girl in a K-drama is to jump up out of nowhere, grab her, kiss her, chuckle at her terrified expression, and then stroll off like the cat who got the cream.

    That is all.

    • Isn’t that pretty much what usually happens? xD I don’t get it. I mean, if I kissed someone and they looked at me like that afterwards, I would assume that they were completely offended and/or horrified. A guy kissed me randomly in the Dublin airport while I was half-asleep and also jet-lagged. He immediately apologized afterwards, because apparently the look on my face was like the above. xD He should have just gone by k-drama logic, wherein you kiss longer, and if you hold the pose long enough, I guess something happens..? (To clarify, I wasn’t like, molested or anything–he was nice, we had been chatting for awhile, and I might have been into it, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not terribly familiar with getting smooched, let alone by strangers when I’ve been awake roughly 24 hours. My brain was pretty much fried when it happened, so I probably just kind of had a ‘?’ look on my face, LOL. Definitely one of my more awkward moments, ha ha.)

      • Hahaha awww. Well, speaking as someone who can’t even function sleepless, I can totally see how an out-of-the-blue kiss might be slightly surprising, lol. Perhaps the issue with your Dublin kiss incident is that he didn’t grab you, dramatically jerk you into his embrace, and THEN kiss you. You can’t JUST kiss someone. Yeesh.

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