I’m back from vacation, y’all! =D  I’m sure you didn’t notice a difference, lol.  A lot of radio silence around here anyway.  BUT, I just wanted you to know how fantastic it was!  ^^ ❤

Basically we were tired of all the rain/snow/winter/cold here in Ohio, so my mom, sister and I all flew out to Orlando for a couple of days.  Universal’s new resort, Cabana Bay, was offering cheap rooms/packages because it isn’t totally finished yet.  I really wanted to stay there because of the cute 50s theme.  My mom agreed, but I think she was a little apprehensive of what ‘half-finished’ meant.  Luckily, it couldn’t have been more perfect!!  (And we could never have afforded to stay there at full-price, lol.)

It was my mom and sister’s first time flying since we went down there to Disneyworld 14 years ago.  (Gasp!)  That was kind of fun for me, since lord knows I’ve been in planes a billion times since then.  They were real troopers though. 🙂  So proud.  And we timed it pretty well–the second day we were there, our town back home had all kinds of tornadoes and water–Macy’s was even flooded on the basement level, and it totaled like 20 cars in their parking lot.  (Not sad that I missed that!)  Luckily Dad stayed behind, so he was home to stave off water damage here.

IN THE MEANTIME, we were enjoying 80+ degree weather and sunshine.  Even the overcast days were gorgeous, and when it rained, it poured–but only for like 10 minutes.  Nothing like the rain I’m used to.  (And definitely not like Irish rain, that’s for sure!)  Since I have lily-white Northerner skin, I did get a bit of sun poisoning–but honestly?  Totally worth it.  No regrets.

At Discovery Cove, we got to swim with dolphins, as well as snorkel in a huge area full of fish and manta rays and stuff.  ❤  Plus there was one of those walk-in-and-feed-the-birds aviaries, and a little swim-around with monkeys and otters.  PLUS FREE BOOZE ALL DAY.  8)  Then the next 2 days were spent trying to get through every ride/attraction in Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, which we ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED!  My feet were killing me, but again, so worth it.

And I got to fulfill a lifetime achievement by going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I’m one of the generation that grew up right alongside Harry & Co.  Always pre-ordered the books, went to the release events, etc.  I have HP merchandise piled around my room from before the movies, when it was just the art from the books.  I remember going on vacation when the last book came out, and having to cover my ears in line for rides @ Kennywood because EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER was talking about it.  I guess my point is, when I found out there was going to be a Harry Potter Theme Park, I knew I would go there someday, and it was kind of a dream come true. 🙂

I’ve mostly been working since then, but it was very much a needed break, and I feel like I have renewed energy!  🙂  Plus the weather has finally cleared up a bit here at home, so.  Good news all around!

What about everyone else?  Any big vacations, or even small trips, planned for the summer?



8 thoughts on “Vacation!!!

  1. Funnnnn!!!!! Awww man, I went to HP world like two years ago, and it was the most AWESOME thing EVER. So psyched that you got to experience it too 😀 And apparently they’re adding on a Diagon Alley addition in a year or two, so that should be fan-freaking-tastic. Did you try the butterbeer? SO good. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

    • I DID!! It was super hot when we were there, so I had regular butterbeer AND frozen butterbeer, because why not, you know? Delicious. ❤ I spent a majority of my money there, ha ha. =D And yeah! I was bummed because Diagon Alley actually opens THIS MONTH. Really soon actually, I think. I missed it by the tiniest bit. But hey, excuse to go back, amirite?! I'm glad I got to go too!!! Getting to HP world was like the culmination of my childhood, LOL.

      • How AMAZING was the HP ride in the castle? We ended up going on it twice, although we would have definitely attempted a third if the park hadn’t been closing. And the fact that the lineup to get to the ride takes you through the castle itself is beyond cool.

      • Right?! That was SO cool!! We only had time to go once, but still, it was such a sweet ride. My sister and I had no idea what to expect, LOL. I loved how it swung you between like, video stuff and real stuff. And yeah, Hogwarts castle was pretty much beyond amazing. Did you go on the Dragon challenge ride? I went by myself, so I had to leave my glasses behind, and I was pretty sure I was going to get lost and die in the dark, lengthy tunnel it takes you through to get to the ride, especially since it goes on FOREVER. It was weird. xDD

      • The dragon challenge … was that the one … no, I’m thinking of the double hippogriff flight thingy. The dragon challenge … lemme Google … no, I didn’t go on that one! Clearly I should have, though. I’m intrigued that you had to leave your glasses behind — do they have a habit of falling off?

      • Apparently! They wouldn’t let you bring any of your stuff on it, so I had to leave it all in a locker. But I’m super-blind, and the walk to get to the ride was very dark, so… xD; But I’m bummed you missed it!! It was really cool–inside there was the TriWizard Tournament cup, and a hall with floating candles… I dunno, pretty sweet. If you go back to see Diagon Alley, check it out!

      • Well, I’ll definitely be going to see Diagon Alley, so I’ll put it on my list. Also on my list is that new Fantasyland area in Disney World. Apparently they’re building Ariel’s seaside castle? I don’t know much about it, but I do know that I love Disney, so that’s good enough for me, lol.

      • Me too!!! Oh gosh, I love Disney so much. xD I went when I was little, but I feel like I would appreciate it SO much more now that I’m older, but apparently still stuck with like a 5-year-old mentality…

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