One Year Since I Graduated!

Actually, I probably shouldn’t make the title sound so excited.  It completely blows my mind that an entire year could have already passed me by.  How??  When??  It’s kind of insane, really.  I blame magic.

So, happy May.  So far it has been a chilly one, but so long as there is no snow on the ground I’m willing to go along with it in hopes of warmer days to come.  Again, not much in the way of updates, but you’ve probably come to expect that, right?  </3  It makes me sad to realize I haven’t updated my story for almost 2 months, but I guess I would rather edit the chapters when I feel I can do a good job, and not when I’m feeling apathetic about it.  (Right?  Right??)  So we’ll see.

I’m hoping to be rejuvenated soon, though.  My mom, sister and I are all going on vacation to Florida on the 11th!  :))  We’re going to Orlando, to Universal Studios and thereabouts.  (My mother keeps dropping hints about Gater World–so I’m afraid I might actually end up there as well.)  It isn’t a long vacation, because my cousin’s graduation is the next weekend (and my sister has some kind of school trip or something,) but after the winter we had, I am more than happy to just go ANYWHERE I don’t have to pay for.

(Plus, we get to stay in their new hotel, Cabana-something, which is TOTALLY RETRO-50s THEMED!!  So psyched for that.  Expect many pictures.)

Sometimes when I look back on this year, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, or that I don’t have much to show for it.  I’m still working in retail for 8$ an hour; I haven’t moved out, I haven’t met anyone, I haven’t gone anywhere.  But then I remind myself that people can’t go exciting places all the time.  That I’m just getting started.  And, as I mentioned in my last post, finally having a direction–aka Korea–has helped raise my spirits enormously on that count.

Plus, I finished my book in that year!!  That continues to be something I’m proud of, especially when I get to tell the few people who haven’t already had me talk their ear off about it.  That happened.  It was a good thing.

So while I may not be ruler of the world or anything, it wasn’t a terrible year since I graduated college.  It was a transitional year.  It was a year of trying to find my footing after a lifetime of following the yellow brick road.  It was a year of realizing what adulthood is–paying bills, making ends meet, trying to make decisions on my own, to learn to utilize my time.  (I’m still not good at a lot of those things.)  It was getting used to seeing all the people I’m close to go their own way–usually a way that doesn’t often connect with mine.

Well, enough ruminating for one night, I think.  Now I’m going to sit here with a Mike’s Hard Peach Lemonade and some chips’n’salsa, trying to make up for the Cinco De Mayo I missed at work.  (And watch K-dramas, of course.)

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a new month. 🙂




One thought on “One Year Since I Graduated!

  1. I am indeed enjoying the beginning of this new month — it’s actually reached a warm level here where sweaters aren’t required to go outside, which I’m pretty much over the moon about. Congratulations on your graduation anniversary!!! Time sure flies, eh? Have a blast in Florida 🙂

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