Saturdays are the Best!

Which is a truth universally acknowledged, I’m sure.  🙂

Welcome back to the variety show, ladies and germs!  I have to tell you–and I’m kind of proud of this–I’ve reached the point where I can post nothing for days, even a week or more, and still a day won’t go by where I won’t have at least ONE pageview of my site.  Granted, that says absolutely nothing about comments, which are still dismally few, but it’s SOMETHING, dang it.  Time was, I was only guaranteed views on days that I posted something, so.  That’s a weight off my shoulders, let me tell you!

Anyway, so… Kind of failing at all the stuff from the last post. >_>;  I really should stop those, because they’re the blogging equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot, you know?  Inevitably, when I feel like I’m going to be productive and then POST about it… Welp, there you go, killed it dead right there.  @_@  I’m woefully behind on my Camp Nano count, haven’t uploaded any more of LOG…  Uhm.  Yup.  No excuse–I just didn’t. xD;

PROCRASTINATION.  It’s a real problem.  But I did make this cover for something I’m working on for Wattpad! Fancy, right?


Images both courtesy of Faestock @ Deviantart

But this post was actually supposed to be talking about why Saturdays are awesome.  🙂  Mainly because those are my Writer Meeting days at the library!  Unfortunately we miss lots of meetings because of schedules, and then sometimes I work on days we DO have meetings… But I try to share something at every meeting, and although everyone is rather different in age/goals from me, it’s still a valuable experience, I think!

We start out with a guest/reading assignment/discussion on writing and/or publishing, and then the second hour is critiques–usually.  Unless we have a lot of submissions, which we HAVE lately, in which case we do those first, just to make sure we have time.

Now, like I said, a majority of those who attend are much older than I am, and they like to write observational narratives, memoirs…  A lot of non-fiction, which isn’t really my area of expertise, and stuff that I don’t really feel like I can critique, since it’s not really for public consumption, you know?  Even still, they give me nice feedback.  By nice, I mean hardly anyone says anything even slightly negative about it, aside from pointing out the occasional technical mistake, and then I just get a bunch of copies with smiley-faces on them.  But that’s good, right?  I think?  I always heard otherwise, but these are just average-Joe readers, so…  The less they complain the better, I think?

Who knows. xD

But I’ve been having them read my Nano novel from last November.  So far, very positive!  Which is nice, since when I dropped that thing like a hot potato at the end of November, I was sick to death of it and thought it was horrid.  Then, a few weeks ago, I read it through for the first time since and thought, eh, this isn’t half bad.

And who knows?  Maybe someday I’ll even FINISH it, God forbid. xD

(I did a count today, and I have FIFTEEN stories going right now.  Yeah.  I’m nuts.)

So, in conclusion, my writer’s club is as awesome as Saturdays. 😉

To finish this late-night, exhaustion-driven ramble of a post, I’d like to post you the song I’m OBSESSED with today.  (Yes, you can assume it has made its way onto my playlist, where it will stay until 2050.)


And also, more, hopefully coherent, updates to come. :))


2 thoughts on “Saturdays are the Best!

  1. I shall listen to your song as I write my comment. It’s starting off well … kind of has a smoky feeling … and it sounds like that “Thousand Years” song. Which makes sense, I realize, as I have just noticed that it’s by the same artist. Welp, that makes sense. I’m on a roll!

    Your writer Saturdays sound awesome 🙂 And congrats on all the positive feedback! It’s always a bit tricky when you only get positive feedback, because obviously you know your story isn’t 100% perfect, but I think people like to avoid saying negative things, especially right to a person’s face. I guess that’s the point of having beta readers? But if people are digging it, awesome!

    And yeah, non-fiction critiquing is so hard. Especially memoirs! It’s so deeply personal, that criticizing it seems really mean, you know? I guess the only thing you can really critique about a memoir is the actual writing style — because the content is their life, and I have a feeling they wouldn’t take it well if you critiqued that 😀

    Now to go back through your posts and see if I missed reading any … oh dang, and I still have to read the latest LOG chapters! Le sigh. I fail so much at staying on top of things. Ah well. Onwards!

    • Ha ha, that’s OK! Half the point of this post was to point out that I also am terrible about staying on top of things. x); We’re in the same boat!

      And yeah!! Exactly, you know? And actually I like their stories, but it’s the grammar/writing style stuff that I’m never sure how much critique they want, cause… I mean, if the only people likely to read this stuff is their grandchildren, who cares, you know? xD

      Glad you like the song! Or well, I hope you liked it, since you never really followed up on that. xD But this one and ‘Take me Home’ are my latest obsessions in the music world. 🙂

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