It’s April, and I’m Going Camping!

Not literally, of course–I hate camping–but figuratively speaking.  April is the start of Camp Nanowrimo!  And while I don’t have the time to try for another 50k-word masterpiece (LOL,) I’m going to aim for 1k words a day.  According to my copy of “On Writing” by Stephen King, that’s a good place to start.  It’s like anything else you want to make a habit.  Start out smaller, so you’re more likely to finish it, and then work your way up from there.

(By  the by, that book is a great read, and a pretty nice book.  I would recommend it to all aspiring writers.  Many truths that I hold very dear, and bits of advice that have been kept close to my heart.  King can be a hypocrite and a bit of a douche at times, but there’s no denying that man knows how to write, and write well, or that he is passionate about what he does.)

As for what I’m writing–I have it listed as one of my fifty-billion story projects, but honestly I have no idea what will ultimately get my focus for the month.  Perhaps I will write a bit of everything–maybe I will end up writing just one story.  You know how my attention span is–the stars and planets have to align for me to actually finish anything, so I’m not going to hold my breath.  I’ll take what I can get, even if it’s 30,000 words of totally unrelated stories.

You might have noticed that I totally cheesed out on my writing, editing (and blogging!) for like the entire month of March.  I’m sorry!  I don’t really have a (good) excuse.  The weather was getting me down, I was working a bit more than usual, I did some house-sitting which threw me out of my usual pattern, I got hooked on Korean dramas…  And just felt a general lack of inspiration to do pretty much anything.  My interview with Bethany Claire was probably the highlight of the month.  Well, never mind probably, it definitely was!  (Read it here if you missed it–she’s a great gal!  And her first book is still on sale now for 99 cents!)  Well, something else cool happened, but I’ll get to that later.

I also went on temporary hiatus with Life of Gaia on Jukepop, but I intend to put up a new chapter today, so I think I’m going to try to get everything back on track for April.  The weather has finally showed signs of clearing into spring, and the sun is spurring on my mood.  🙂  Sometimes you just need sunshine!  I’m not sure if my comic will fit in there anywhere, but we’ll see.  I suppose it’s right at the beginning of chapter 2, so what better place to go on hiatus?  But if I have to pick and choose, I choose working on my writing.  That’s the big-ticket item here.

So expect several posts in the coming weeks, as I have a plethora of subjects to talk about.  Wish me luck on Camp Nano!  (And on my renewed endeavors to work out–I’ve been slacking on that too, but my mom just said we’re definitely, for sure, 100% going on vacation to Florida in May, so I want to hit the ground running!)  We’ll see what April has to offer. 🙂

Tulip fields, in honor of April!


2 thoughts on “It’s April, and I’m Going Camping!

  1. Good luck on Camp NaNo! I agree with you — actual camping is the worst. Far better to sit inside with your laptop and look at nature through the window, lol. Happy spring to you — hopefully it’s a bit sunnier where you are! We had an unexpected and totally awesome day of sunshine yesterday, but that has since been replaced by dreary clouds. Ah well.

    • NOPE, we’re pretty much the same. We had like 1 or 2 sunny days, although they were chilly, and now it’s like monsoon season forever. Granted I’ll take it over snow any day, but still. I can’t wait until I can wander around outside without rainboots or a coat on!

      And yeah, camping is totally overrated. Psht. Nature. I have TV channels for that. You know, like animal planet and stuff.

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