A Few More Comic Recommendations

I know it seems like I’m revisiting old ideas, but it’s actually been a decent amount of time since I started this blog, and in that time things have moved along and changed.  Like my list of webcomics!  Well, I still read the old ones, but I’ve added new comics to that list.  I thought I would share them with you, in an effort to broaden your horizons. 🙂

Now, for anyone who doesn’t recall my last blog on the subject, I’m a huge fan of storytelling through sequential art!  How can I not be?  It combines the two things I love most–writing a story, and drawing lovely pictures to match. ^^  Who could ask for anything better?  And I’ve definitely been on a kick with my own comic lately, which was on hiatus until recently, when I suddenly got the urge to work on it again.  It’s been rolling along swimmingly ever since, so we’ll see how that goes.

ANYWAY, the point is, I love me some comic goodness!  So if you’re someone who also has a penchant for pretty pictures with your stories and plots, here are a couple of (rather different!) comics you might check out.

trouble next door

1. Trouble Next Door by Jigokuneko

Ilona is studying to become a veterinarian, and doesn’t intend to let anything interrupt her goals–especially not the weird guy in the apartment next door.  Sure he’s cute and he could charm the pants off of almost anybody, but Ilona doesn’t intend to give him the time of day.  (Plus he’s seen her panties–twice!)  Ilona knows too much about pretty boys who think they can have it all…  But Damian has some issues of his own.

This comic is very manga-influenced, but it also has quirky art and adorable charm oozing out of its pores.  The main character, Ilona, is just the kind of vivacious, slightly-crazy heroine that I like to see.  Real.  (Plus her family is a hoot, when you meet them at Christmas!)  A nice BOYxGIRL comic to snuggle up with.

2. Starfighter (WARNING: NSFW!) by Hamlet

This is definitely a fun one, if you’re into that sort of thing.  (Which, I’ll admit, I kind of am… D:  I’M SORRY.)  The story is set in a futuristic syfy world (possibly Earth?  I’m a little vague on the details) where these guys are all members of a space army that are holding off bad aliens.  Except for some intense space battles, the setting kind of takes a back seat to the relationship between Caine and Abel, a fighter and a pilot who are paired together despite their very different natures.  And boy, do they make some fireworks!

Hamlet’s art is GORGEOUS, there’s no denying it, and very… uhm… nice, anatomically speaking.  If you ever wanted to read free gay comic porn, well, look no further.  It’s on its last chapter, sadly, but it updates pretty regularly.  Anyway, check it out–but just remember, look at it at your own risk, especially in public!


3. Tripping Over You by Suzana Harcum and Owen White

Almost combining the above two, we have TOY, a cutesy BOYxBOY school romance set somewhere in the UK at a private school.  Milo and Liam have been friends for years, but Milo might want to take that friendship a little bit further…  Will Liam be amenable, or does he still think Milo is having a laugh?  Can these two friends find something more intimate together?

I love the art style in TOY–it is one very close to my own, if I had to pick.  But it’s very clean and easy to read, and the characters are adorable.  Milo is outgoing and friendly, while Liam is a bit more insular and reserved, but together they make a good pairing.  Plus, their friends are hilarious as they bounce in and out of the story–especially Penny and Kat.  This one also has some fun sexy-time scenes, but only if you pay to get them–kind of a bummer, but also means that you won’t stumble on anything you weren’t expecting while at work!

So, I think that’s all for now.  I have many more comics, but I will save some for a year from now, when I do ANOTHER webcomic post, ha ha!

And, in the interest of sharing, for those of you who haven’t read my comic yet–here is an illustration I did the other day!  (It’s two of the main characters just looking… you know.  Interesting and school-girl-y.)


(Also, on a totally unrelated note, I don’t know what I did recently, but I have gotten like 20+ spam comments in the past 2 days.  Some of them are reeeeeeeally bad, too!  Weird.  @_@  I want real-people comments, dang it!)


6 thoughts on “A Few More Comic Recommendations

  1. I may just give Starfighter a try … it looks both pretty and intense, which I believe all good comics should be. I’ll make sure I don’t read it in public, though 😀

    Random question — this is both your blog AND your website, right? So how does that work? Do you control everything via WordPress, or is it a separate website-builder, like Weebly or something? Inquiring minds want to know 😀

    • Okay so I just got about 4 pages in and Cain has just kiss-attacked Abel and “marked” him as his own. I wasn’t expecting things to get that awesome that quickly, lol. A+ so far!!! Also, I may have laughed so loudly that my brother was alarmed for my well being. Eh, whatcha gonna do.

      • Oh yeah. That’s pretty much a good indication of their relationship, for all intents and purposes, especially when it happens so soon. xDDD It’s like, YUP, this story. But I can understand the laughing–you don’t just expect some guy to walk up and give you a lip-scar like, 5 minutes after meeting. Abel’s reaction of ‘DUDE WTF’ is totally justified.

    • It is both pretty AND intense AND sexy, so… Yeah. xD But definitely not when other people are around, or you’ll be getting some interesting looks, no doubt about it.

      And yes, it is both! And I run them all through WordPress. It gives you an option of whether you want your blog to be the front page, or whether you want a different page to be your front page… somewhere, anyway. It seemed easier than trying to run 2 different sites, you know? (Especially when I’m on here all the time anyway!)
      So there you go, inquiring minds. 🙂

      • Awesome. Okay, so when my current ownage of the “michelleproulx.com” domain name expires in a few months and I stop using JustHost, I’m going to hit you up and you’re going to tell me how to make WordPress my website 🙂 Prepare yourself!

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