So, In Conclusion!

Just so I don’t forget to say it, happy March everybody!  I can’t even believe it’s already that time of year.  The snow still hasn’t given up, but my rain boots and I are just waiting…  I know spring has to be around the bend.  ❤

Anyway, the week is up, folks!  As usual, things got pretty crazy there at the end of the week–I posted the 6th chapter a bit late, and haven’t even gotten the 7th up yet.  But all in all, I think I got to do what I wanted to do–have Gaia in the spotlight for awhile, get out a few more chapters, get the news out, and just give it a little boost in general.  I did drum up a couple new readers and got over 100 votes, so I consider the whole thing a win, even if I didn’t have the time to go as all-out as I wanted to!

(And just so you know, I do still intend to post bios for the rest of the characters–they’ll just be coming a bit later than I’d hoped!)

So thanks to everyone who checked out my story, new AND old!  =D

On various fronts, I’ve got several balls juggling at once.  A couple weeks ago I started furiously updating my comic again–the one I posted about some time ago–so if you’re interested, feel free to check that out.  On another, I think that my cover designer and I finally found a picture that is what I wanted, so we’re just tweaking that, and hopefully I will be celebrating a cover release soon enough! ❤  There’s also the interview with author Bethany Claire to look forward to, once she’s back from vacation.  The other day, I realized I never posted my updated music list for 2014, so also expect that post in the upcoming month.  And, as usual, my brain has been flitting back and forth from project to project like a butterfly on flowers.  However, I finally took the first step on the Life of Gaia sequel the other night, and wrote several whole pages of chapter 1!  I was pretty psyched for that, lol.

Non-writing related, well–it’s pretty much business as usual.  Work is a drag, but I’ve worked enough that I apparently qualify for some regular part-time benefits now, so that’s kind of cool.  Although it’s been a struggle, I’ve been keeping up with my workout goals at the gym for three whole weeks.  Go me!  Next week I’m house-sitting for my friend’s aunt while they go to Disney World, so that should be an invigorating change of scenery, I hope!

So, that’s it from here.  Hope you’ve all been doing well–I know from several other blogs that some exciting events have been happening.  Congratulations to everyone else, and your pursuit of your own projects!  You’re all so inspirational!  😀



And, since I have nothing relevant, here is an adorable clip of (arguably) the BEST character in Bravest Warriors, Catbug!  If you haven’t watched it, do it right now–no, seriously, watch them.  They’re only on youtube, and they’re short.  No excuses.  Plus, same guy as Adventure Time, so you know it’s gonna be MAD DONKIN’.


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