LOG Event Day 3: Gaia!

So, as promised, to accompany the release of 7 chapters, I have a picture to share with you, as well as a profile!  I’ll try to do some more later.

And, by the by, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out:

Chapter 9:

and Chapter 10 (New today!):

Things are definitely heating up for Gaia, as she finds herself in hot water–and the price may end up being more than she’d ever bargained for…  It turns out the simple life she’s taken for granted might not be as awful as she always thought, especially when it might be taken away forever.



Left at the monastery as a very young child, Gaia was named by Father Kilgane, not remembering anything before she came to live at the church.  Although she appreciates their kindness in bringing her up, she has never felt very at home there with the other acolytes-in-training.

Gaia’s earliest memories are of a dream that she has had every night for her entire life, involving a magical crystal palace, twelve Gods, and a would-be God, Eramis.  When she was younger she tried to tell people about these dreams, but, having been dismissed, she learned to keep them to herself.  Although she doesn’t mind the dream, they caused her to wake up in violent terrors as a child, effectively distancing her from her peers and labeling her as strange.

This changed only slightly when a boy came to live at the monastery when he was abandoned by his father.  Tyr quickly became Gaia’s only friend and confidante, and they were inseparable for years.  When she was twelve, Gaia was assigned to Sofia, an acolyte on the path to going high in the church.  The idea was that having such an exemplary mentor might help stabilize Gaia, who was rather a wild child.  Sofia found Gaia charming, however, and more often than not is rather lax in letting her do what she wants anyway, although Gaia respects Sofia enough to try not to get her into any trouble.  A year later, Tyr reached his sixteenth Name Day, and chose to leave the monastery, instead wanting to become a soldier for Aeslen.  Although she received a few letters, they gradually stopped, and Gaia worries about him constantly.

Her relationship with the two leaders of the monastery are complicated.  The Mother Superior is constantly on her case.  Gaia knows this is because the Mother hates her, while Sofia tries to assure her the woman does it out of affection and well-meaning.  She feels a strange connection to Father Kilgane, although she’s never understood why, save for one moment of raw honesty with him when she was little.  He came to the church around the same time she did, so she considers them somewhat connected in that respect, although he is all the things she is not–calm, patient, and very wise.  Although she doesn’t often acknowledge it, these are her parental figures, and she respects them both very highly.

Gaia’s one constant dream is that she might be able to leave the monastery and go traveling, having seen much more of the world in books than she knows she ever will if she stays at the church.  However, being an orphan means Gaia has no funds or holdings to her name, making it almost impossible to strike out on her own.  This idea of being caged eats at her regularly, and adds to her feelings of worthlessness.

Gaia is the main character, but she is very much a young woman who has been sheltered her whole life.  She makes decisions recklessly, has little concept of her own mortality, and is often inclined to sulking or moodiness, as well as constant streams of sarcasm.  In her mind, showing emotion is a weakness, so she often forces herself not to cry.  Gaia also suffers, as most young adults do, from a warped sense of herself; low self-esteem, and a feeling that she cannot compete with Sofia, her one regular role-model.

At the beginning of the story she is inclined to think that everything outside of her immediate home is wonderful, although she quickly learns that isn’t always the case.  But she has a good heart, and is willing to try to do the right thing, whatever she thinks that might be.  Gaia would do anything to help her adopted friends and family, and even takes extreme risks to save people she’s never met. Still, she has a long way to grow, but unfortunately not much time to work with.


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    • x) Glad you liked the picture, but I don’t see any talking ducks in her future, unfortunately. However, I’m not opposed to fanfiction, so you’re free to throw in as many talking ducks as you want. xDD ❤ She'll run into other talking creatures, but I'm afraid they not very friendly!

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