I Bought Rain-boots, and Other Random Stuff

I told myself I was just going to wait for another few days to post anything, but I kind of missed you guys, so you get this random post ahead of schedule.  Hurrah!

I love rain-boots.

The title is kind of misleading.  It is supposed to mean that I bought rain-boots, and also there is other stuff in the post.  Instead, it makes it sound like I bought rain-boots and then bought other things.  Which I did, but that’s not important!  Except it sort of was exciting.  To reward myself for diligently going to the gym and following my fitness plan for 2 weeks, I bought myself some activewear from Walmart.  Not HORRIBLE stuff considering, and of course the prices were right, so.  Plus they’re like neon pink and bright blue.  I do love to be flashy when I’m sweating my butt off.

But the rain-boots were a total necessity, since the temporary heat wave has turned the area into a lake.  Literally, driving home today at least 3 houses in a row were like, under water, their entire driveways just giant puddles.  How do these people get out in the morning?  I have no idea.

Anyway, I love rain-boots.  They’re so useful.  I find myself stepping in puddles on purpose, just because I can.  I’m all, ‘yeah, take that, puddle!  You can’t hurt these shoes.’  You know, like the puddles are sentient and actually care what I do.  Plus I just remember Justin during my internship, constantly commenting on my “Wellies.”  He was so funny.

Right, so, yeah.  Oh!  The other stuff.  Just a reminder, in case you didn’t catch it, I will be posting seven NEW chapters in a row of The Life of Gaia, starting this Sunday!  If you haven’t started reading it, the first chapter is viewable without making an account, but joining JukePopSerials is a great idea anyway–I mean, it’s totally FREE reading material!  Who doesn’t like that?

(But I’ll do a post on Sunday to accompany the first chapter, so don’t worry your pretty little heads about it just yet.)

The other reminder is that I do actually have a web comic called Love on the Line, and although it has been awhile since I updated it, over the past few weeks I added seven or eight new pages.  I went through a drawing spurt, what can I say?  Anyway, I also updated the cast list and bio page.  In fact, in a few pages, chapter 1 will be finished!  So even if you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh, and my friend’s wedding was an amazing success!  It happened on the one sunny, not-snowing day we’d had in awhile, nothing went wrong (or at least in a ruin-everything kind of way,) and everything was really beautiful.  I had the best time being a more traditional bridesmaid, got to ride in a limo for the first time EVER, and we got to drink mimosas while getting our hair done.  So… pretty much a perfect time.  The only bummer was that by the time the reception rolled around, with an OPEN BAR, I was seriously too tired to even want to drink much of anything.  But I got to boogie down to old-school wedding classics, which is really my favorite part of receptions anyway.

Thanks for tuning in guys!  I’m getting rather excited as I edit these chapters, since it’s been quite some time–almost a year!–since I read some of the early ones.  My brain has been circling around my old Mercenary story like water circling a drain, but I’m feeling too guilty to work on it, since I really need to start work on Gaia 2, tentatively titled The Bard’s Tale.  While I DO have the basic plots of all 8 books worked out, that’s a very, VERY broad-strokes idea of what happens…  All the intricacies need to be worked out.  (But you all know by now how flaky I am about working on one project!)  I guess we’ll see how it goes–LOG still has lots of chapters to go up on Jukepop and a long way to go to publishing, so one day at a time.

Last note, I can’t remember if I said anything last post, but I recently got to ask Bethany Claire, author of Love Beyond Time, a few questions, so look forward to that interview post!  I’ll probably save it for the beginning of March.  (And btw, the third book of her Morna’s Legacy series, Love Beyond Hope, is out now and available to read!)

Always much love my dears!  See you for Gaia week in a couple days!


P.S.  I couldn’t find any funny pictures on Facebook for once, so instead here is one of the wedding pictures!

I’m the one in emerald green to the right of the bride. :))


2 thoughts on “I Bought Rain-boots, and Other Random Stuff

  1. Congrats on all the stuff you talked about in this post 🙂 I’ve never owned rain boots … well, no, that’s a lie, I think I owned some when I was a kid, but I haven’t had any in decades. Do they make padded rain boots? Like, ones you can wear in the winter? Because it’s SUPER slushy in London right now, and trying to walk anywhere in snow boots is just asking for wet feet.

    Hahaha oh man, that wedding picture baffled the heck out of me. My immediate thought when seeing it was “Where are their heads? Did the picture not load properly?” And then I had to remind myself “It’s called photography, Michelle, they do all sorts of fancy shots to capture life at different angles, they’re not missing their heads”.

    Yay for 7 days of LoG! I’ll look for your post on Sunday so I can re-blog it 🙂

    • Thanks, lol! I know, loading up posts with all sorts of random topics makes it hard to comment, but I appreciate your tenacity. 🙂 I’m sure that they do, though! If it’s not TOO cold, and you wear socks, you’re usually good. It’s like, as long as it’s snow, or frozen, my winter boots are good, but as soon as it starts warming up and everything melts–RAIN BOOTS.

      And lol, one of the other girls commented that our heads were cut off, so you’re not the only one. xD

      And definitely! I appreciate the promotion, lol. ❤ So nice of you~

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