My Writerly Pet Peeves 1

Not that this is going to be a continuous theme!  I thought I would just do a post listing a couple of things that annoy me as a writer–and as that list will probably grow in the future, I left it open-ended by sticking a 1 at the end.  Ha ha!  I’m so clever.  Anyway, this also gave me something to post about for the week, so.  Two birds?  I think so.

1. I find it rather annoying when you tell people what you’re writing, and they immediately offer up every book of that genre that they have ever read and/or heard about from their hair stylist, and tell you that you should read them.  I mean, I DO actually like getting book recommendations, but really?  Every one?  And you think I’ll like them ON THE SOLE BASIS that I’m writing a book vaguely related to that?  Okay, thanks.  I’ll get to that sometime in the next 30 years.

2. Semi-related, people give you a book recommendation, and then CONSTANTLY CHECK UP TO SEE IF YOU’VE READ IT YET.  Like, we’re talking call you in the bathtub, run into your cart in the grocery store, and generally make themselves a nuisance every time you see them asking whether you’ve yet to drop everything and read that book they mentioned to you at that party that one time.  Yeah, I like recommendations, but I’ll get to them on my own time–which isn’t, you know, filled up with other stuff or anything. >:I  And it might not even be something I’m interested in!  So chillax!

3. When you tell someone about your book/let them read the synopsis, and they immediately go, “Oh, that sounds exactly like X!  You should read X!”  Well, there’s two problems.  One, you’ve just told me my book is exactly like this other book, so I’m immediately going to be afraid that YOU think I’m copying such-and-such, even though I’ve never heard of it before.  Second, now you’ve broken my ignorance of this other book existing, which is bad enough, but you want me to READ it??  So, what?  So that if I want to finish my own book, I’ll forever have to pretend I didn’t know this other book?  Or I’ll just have to completely re-work mine?  I suppose, at some point, I may thank you for keeping me from looking like an idiot.  But it won’t be until after I’m done being salty that I have to change everything I’m doing for this stupid other-book that I’m definitely NOT reading now, and is probably not really the same as mine but I can’t risk it.  So thanks.

Christmas Sloth Sweater

But when I get annoyed, I look at this Christmas sloth sweater and put things in perspective.

Ha ha, all for now.

I know they sound kind of silly, but they’re thoughts that run through my head a lot, especially right after I’ve attended a writer’s meeting.  At the first one I read a chapter of LOG, and literally every single person gave me a huge list of fantasy books that I should read.  The problem is, I don’t actually like fantasy.  It’s my own fault for doing something as stupid as trying to write in a genre I don’t really read, which may or may not have an OK outcome, but still.  Now I feel guilty for not wanting to read any of those books.  (And at the last meeting, a few asked if I had looked up those books.  Agh!)

The  third is just annoying.  That’s actually how I found out about Twilight, way back in the day.  I was hesitantly working on a vampire story, or at least PLANNING one, and when I told someone, she stuck Twilight in my hands, and that was that.  Vampire story shelved for the foreseeable future.  Our stories were pretty much in no way related save for vampires, but since it’s hard not to equate the two, it’s going to be like waiting for Chernobyl to stop being radioactive to stick my toe in THAT pool…  AKA, forever.

In totally unrelated news,

I’m still mostly doing squat that is productive.  Ok, not totally, but the productive is happening in tiny little spurts.  A few words scribbled on the back of receipt tape here.  A bit of work on my mom’s oil painting there.  A couple hours spent drawing with my tablet.  You know.  That kind of thing.  Nothing finished, not much concrete.  I’m like a sputtering car, and I’m not totally sure how to get going again at a smooth, continuous pace.

Again apropos of nothing, I’m joining a gym with my aunt, who has graciously offered to pay for 3 months, since I am dirt-broke, as long as I get her to go with me 3 times a week.  Since the whole idea was to find some motivation, and money is usually a GREAT motivator, as is guilt, I think that this should work wonders.  And since exercising is the sort of mindless, repetitive and uncomfortable task my brain likes to try to get away from, I’m hoping it will produce a goldmine of ideas and inspiration.  Guess we’ll find out!

Uhhhh… Oh, I got to go to a glass-working class on Friday, which was totally rad!  (And not because it was the only excuse I’ve had to get out of the house in awhile.  Well, that’s not strictly true, but I’m digressing.)  It was through the Glass Bubble Project in Cleveland, which I’ve always been interested in visiting–it’s tucked right next to the West Side Market, so I’m pretty sure every time we go grocery shopping I say something about wanting to see the glass blowing studio.  Well, as a Valentine’s day present, my mom got me a voucher for a class!  (Best Valentine’s day present ever!)

We didn’t do any blowing, but we did get to use the rods to pick up molten glass, mold it, repeat several times, and make something without burning ourselves.  I made a round thing that will probably hang from a window–remind me to post pictures when I get it back.  (It had to hang out in the kiln for awhile.)  The guy who mostly runs the joint reminds me of a glass-blowing Willy Wonka.  The association was really strong–I was thinking about it the whole evening.  Also, I felt grown-up because they bought pizza and beer for the class.  Not that I drank the beer–I had orange pop, because I’m boring and didn’t want to drink and drive–but it was the fact that I COULD HAVE HAD A BEER IF I WANTED.

RIGHT, so.  This post was wayyyyy longer than I’d intended it to be.  Seriously, I know I say that all the time, but wow.  Maybe I’ll cut it up and just make this its own post as an update.  Naw, too lazy.  People can just read as far as they want.  If you’ve gotten this far, congrats, you rule. 🙂  So I’ll tell you a couple secrets.

1. Still working on a cover for my book–hopeful I’ll have something to reveal soon!

2. I went to a strip club for the first time EVER for my friend’s bachelorette party.  It was AH-mazing.  I don’t get out much.  So much man.  Much sweat.  Many dongs.

3. You’re probably regretting reading this far right now.  (Am i right?!)

4. I’ll be doing an author interview with Miss Bethany Claire soon!  So look forward to that.

Well, thanks for humoring me my dears.  Much love,


By the way,



2 thoughts on “My Writerly Pet Peeves 1

  1. First of all, excellent use of the doge meme!

    Pet peeves … yeah, the unsolicited book recommendations are really annoying, aren’t they? I mean, I understand why people do that (and I’m sure I do it as well) — someone’s work reminds you of a great book you read, and you figure hey, the books are similar, why not read that book and get ideas? But you’re right — reading a book similar to your own is a fantastic way to kill your ideas.

    Semi-amusing story — at one of the festivals I set up my book tent at last summer, I had a guy come up and chat with me. He was a … how to put this … socially awkward. Like, to the extreme, as in not knowing when you’ve overstayed your welcome, totally missing subtle hints to leave and let the poor struggling author speak to other people, etc. He came up and basically just started talking about all the science fiction books he loved … for like HALF AN HOUR. And I was nodding and smiling and everything, in hopes that this ramble was going somewhere (you know, like ending with him buying the book of the author he’s spent the last half hour monopolizing the time of), but nope. And the annoying part was that a few people came up interested in the book, and I tried to talk to them, but rambling guy was so … forceful with his conversation, if you will, that he ended up scaring them off. Ack.

    Okay, so that story had nothing to do with your pet peeve. But it was still annoying!

    Also, your molten glass experience sounds awesome. I did a silk painting class once, and it was super fun to work in a new medium — post a picture of what you made!!!

    • Oh GOSH, that sounds annoying!!! xD One of those Customer Service niceties that you have to be ready to perform when working with the public, I guess. Sure it would have been NICE to toss him over for the (potentially PAYING) customers, but that would have been a douchey thing to do. I’m proud, since I know how that feels. (Aaaaalllll the time…)

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