2 thoughts on “Life of Gaia Chapter 6, released!

  1. I totally caught up on the LoG chapters! I think I already said so in the comments, but I’m really loving the direction this story is taking. I got a kick out of the scenes in town where people kept either totally ignoring Gaia because she was a nun (or whatever she is, lol), and then other merchants were like “buy our stuff” because she was the only one around. I wonder … in real life, do guys hit on nuns? I mean, you’d think it would be a major faux pas, but then, guys do silly things sometimes, so …

    • I think it’s the whole, oh, she’s sworn to chastity, but she hasn’t met ME yet mentality, you know? And I’m sure they totally expect to get shut down, but young guys especially are kind of stupid sometimes, so. x) And Sofia is very pretty, so it’s just a matter of course. She doesn’t even notice. Gaia’s the one that notices. xD
      And I’m glad!! After the first couple chapters I feel like it slows down a bit for, you know, problem-building, but hopefully readers can stick with it till things pick up again. 🙂 (As they do shortly!)

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