I Got Wheels!









And not even a tricycle, or like, a scooter or something–a legitimate CAR!  (CoughMinivanCough)

Yes, that’s sort of why I haven’t posted much lately.  Or more, the not posting is kind of a side effect, since I’ve had to work a lot to PAY for the new car, so.  You see how it goes.  And when I work, I don’t really  have time to do anything worth writing about, soooo…

It’s a dreadful cycle, really.

Anyway, it’s a 1998 Plymouth Voyager, and YES it’s a minivan, so not much in street cred.  But the mileage was good and the price was right up my alley, so as long as it makes it about 3 years without costing me a ton in repairs I’ll consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.  Really, it doesn’t take a lot.  My first (and only, until now) car was one I got back when I was like 17, but I only had it for a year until I graduated, went to college far away, and the car was given to my sister, who promptly broke it and got a new car, leaving me car-less.

Which was fine, I suppose, when I went to college in a tiny town where most things were within walking distance, or you just made friends with people who HAD cars.  Now, however, since I have a job, the need-a-car thing was a bit more important… And that’s not even saying anything about my stunted social life because I didn’t have a method of transportation.

Getting it was complicated.  It was too cheap for the banks to want to let me finance it, but I don’t actually have the couple grand it costs to get even a dirt-old car.  SOOOO, my mother, who is a SAINT, flat-out bought me a car… ON HER BIRTHDAY.  Literally, I felt awesome and awful at the same time.  But I swore on the life of my unborn children that I would pay her back, so we’re going to try to get me a personal loan tomorrow, since half the point of this venture was to ALSO build up my credit score, sooo….

(Really cute guy we ended up working with at the dealership, though unfortunately he was married.  Still, nice to talk to.  Apparently has two potty-trained cats, and although doesn’t watch it himself, knows about Doctor Who.  I was seriously disappointed he was off the market.)

The other side effect of the new car is that since every penny I make goes to either my student loans or my car, I don’t have extra cash to hit up a coffee shop for all hours of the day, so I’ve lost my most productive work space.  Drat!  That means I have to learn how to actually get stuff done AT HOME, where it doesn’t cost me a dime, but I’m tempted to do 50-billion other things INSTEAD of writing.  This could be a problem, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

(For anyone who was wondering, while editing Gaia and publishing it on JukePop, I’m also slowly working on a romance novel.  I’ll do a post more about that later.  It’s the project I now have to try to write at home.  Boo.)

So here, have some more pictures of my new car!  I’m still not sure what gender it is, since I’ve only driven it a handful of times, but I’ve just decided to call it ‘Voyager,’ since that’s the name of a Star Trek ship, and it was already called that, so it just seemed like kismet.  I come from a family that names our cars–is that weird?  Oh well!

You guys stay frosty; I know I am!  It’s flippin’ cold!





4 thoughts on “I Got Wheels!

  1. Congrats!!! Clearly the first thing you need to do is buy paint and just go to town on the side of that minivan. I’m thinking you could paint it something really ferocious — like, a dragon — and then no one would even notice your lack of street cred due to the extreme awesomeness that would be your paint job 🙂

    • Now there’s an idea!! Ah ha. I’m pretty sure my mother would have a heart attack if I started painting dragons on the sides of my van. Plus I think my car would stick out more to the police covered in mystical creatures. But I’ll definitely keep that in mind. ^^ Maybe in the summer I’ll get that washable car paint and do some non-permanent doodles.

  2. Congrats on the car! I’ve recently come to the conclusion that after nearly a year of trying, I really can’t work in my apartment. I’m considering looking for some cheap studio space, since I’m also really tired of not working. But I’m sure there’s a way to do it, with enough will power. Good luck!

    • Thanks! And yeah, that’s the hard part, since I can’t afford to hang out at coffee shops anymore, and the library is just too quiet. Finding a SPACE where I can work. A studio would be totally rad, ha ha, but it would have to be a time-share studio for me to be able to afford it, LOL.

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