2013: What I Loved

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but it just seemed too appropriate and cheesy NOT to post.

First, an apology that the next chapter of Life of Gaia is a bit late–the holidays really have a way of screwing up schedules and best-laid plans, you know?  (I, for example, was forced to spend New Year’s Eve with my family, kicking their butts at various games (such as Yahtzee, Authors and Spades,) which was really just a chore, but I made it through somehow… xD)  Although since I’m up interminably with nothing to do, I should be able to rectify the absent chapter and get it posted later today.  However, before I do that, I thought I would knock out the obligatory New Year’s post.

Since, in case you didn’t notice, IT’S NOW 2014.  We all get to start trying to remember to write ‘4’ instead of ‘3’.  (Literally, I’ll be doing it for like 2 months.)

Because of reasons, I have spent a lot of time thinking about some of the disappointments of 2013, and the uncertainty that 2014 is bringing to my life.  But then I reminded myself to take a step back, breath, exhale, continue ad nauseum, and remember that a lot of GOOD things happened in 2013 that shouldn’t be discounted so easily.

So, in order to gain that much-needed perspective, I’m making you sit through a blog post where I recount some of the highlights of my year.  HURRAH.

I went to Portland, OR!  That was a pretty sweet one, since i’m always the first person to jump on board the traveling bus.  You’ll all remember how I regaled you with stories of my adventures on the west coast, meandering through giant bookstores and eating at health-food restaurants.

I performed a wedding ceremony.  Yeah!  I became a minister online and married off one of my good college friends.  Not everyone can say that–although I’m sure a lot can, because really it wasn’t that hard.  Piggy-backing on that was I got to see the first of my friends get married.  The beginning and end of an era, I guess.

I FLIPPING GRADUATED COLLEGE.  It’s almost too easy to forget this one, since it honestly feels like a different lifetime, but no, that was THIS life, and THIS year.  Golly!  Four years flies when you’re… well, doing something, anyway.  Yup, I graduated from Northern Michigan and lived to talk about it, plus I had a degree clutched in my clammy palm.  Go me.

I got a job. At Macy’s, so nothing to brag about, but there are a lot of unemployed people out there, so I have to give gratitude where it’s due.

A bunch of really cool movies got released this year.  Kind of scraping the barrel on that one… but then, not really.  I mean, Thor 2, Frozen and Catching Fire all came out this year.  Those were all really good movies!!

Two people I know became cancer-free.  Sometimes it’s not about you, but about the people you care about.  If this isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.  When every day cancer is killing the loved ones of people around me, it’s a blessing that I know two wonderful souls who beat it.  You guys are amazing.

I had my first birthday party in 5 years–AND IT ROCKED!  Yup.  That about sums it up.

I FINISHED A BOOK YOU GUYS.  Ha ha, you thought I forgot about that one, didn’t you?  NOPE.  Just saving it for last, because it was right up there with going to Portland for BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR.  Yes, Life of Gaia, my pet project and to-date only finished novel, wrapped up during 2013.  Plus I got it a home @ Jukepopserials, and started to work on the steps towards self-publication.

On the heels of that: I won Nanowrimo–FINALLY!  Not to be forgotten, I scaled that mountain and finally got in my Nano win, for writing 50k words of who-knows-what during the month of November.  Totally worth it, I don’t care what anyone says.

I feel like I’m missing something, but maybe not–my brain is seriously like swiss cheese most times.  Who knows. xD

So 2013, in summation, was not a horrible year for me.  Sure the latter half was a blur of working and trying to transition into adulthood (mostly failing,) but it wasn’t all bad news.  2014 will have its own joys and trials, I’m sure, but I have a whole year before I’m trying to recap those, so we’ll see what happens.

One of those funny things floating around Facebook…

My wishes for the new year:

Get healthier.  Make new friends.  Move forward on my career path, whatever that may be.  Try new things.  Take risks.  Keep writing, even if it kills me.  (It could.)  Read more.  Travel.  And try not to let money be the be-all-end-all that it always tries to be.

I hope your New Year is a jolly and grand adventure, my friends. 🙂



2 thoughts on “2013: What I Loved

  1. 2013 was certainly an excellent year for you 🙂 Congrats on everything! I’m also on a “get healthier” kick, and it’s going fairly well so far … I’m doing the “eat better” thing by huddling inside to escape the cold and only eating what we have in the house — which is mainly granola cereal and frozen veggies, lol. Exercise is a bit trickier, but I’m working on it 😀 Have a fantabulous 2014!!!

    • So far exercise is kicking my butt–I’m pretty sure it was the yoga this morning that opened the path for my current illness–but the eat-less thing is going well, and I’m on track for my sleep schedule (for now,) so… Yeah. 🙂 Here’s hoping for 2014! (And, score, I remembered to write the 14 today, huzzah.)

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