My 23rd Birthday


I have been so… I don’t know, I guess busy?  Work, arranging for parties, going to parties, cleaning up after parties…  The holidays are just an insane time for everything, which I’m sure you all know.  Thus, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being a bit AWOL the past week… or week and a half…  As I navigate that time.

Displaying 1207132243.jpg

Cute gingerbread house I made @ my party.

But, to catch you up on things, I turned 23!  Not really a milestone year by any count, but that’s fine–sometimes you just want a nice, normal birthday.  Except that I got this BRILLIANT idea to throw a party for myself, to sort of make up for 4 years without seeing my friends on my birthday while I was up in college.

All well and good, but I totally blew like 2 week’s worth of paycheck on it.  Worth it?  TOTALLY!  But now I’m broke and there’s only 10 days till Christmas.  Whoops.  So that means I’ll be doing my shopping, like, a week before Christmas… If I die, know that I appreciated you all very much.

Displaying 1207132007d.jpg

I’m on the far right. Some of my friends who attended. 🙂

So the party!  Went off without a hitch, really.  I made my own birthday cake, lots of people dressed up fancy, I created a fun cocktail with enough booze to kill and elephant, and managed to keep everyone entertained for like 7 hours.  Success?  Totally!  Plus the best part was just getting to see all of my favorite people in one convenient location.  I have some pictures, as you will see dotted around the post.  Yes, that’s a TARDIS cake.  It says ‘Allons-y 23’ if you can’t read.

On my actual BIRTHDAY, the 12th, my mother and I just wandered around out shopping, which was just the kind of low-key hangout I needed after my raucous party.  I bought jeans.  We had coffee and talked about a cute sales guy at World Market.  All was right with the world.

Displaying 1207131807a.jpg

Fancy peppermint martini!

And then TODAY I’m a bit hung over again from a Birthday/Holiday/Going Away party for a good friend of mine, who will be voyaging off to the marshy wilds of Florida (or maybe not) to see what she will see.  I’m already missing her, and I literally just saw her like 2 hours ago.  ;(  Boo.  There was more booze involved there.  And drinking games, which believe it or not, I never did back in college. /fail

So yeah, that happened.

Displaying 1207131703.jpg

The TARDIS cake! It was tie-dye inside. 🙂

Oh!  And yesterday morning was my SECOND writer’s meeting at the library, our end-of-the-year one, and the first 5 pages of my story was the only thing we went over.  Luckily everyone seemed to enjoy it, so yay!  And I was given some good news involving my librarian application, so fingers crossed there!

Speaking of, this week is probably going to be another sketchy one on my end.  I have a brutal work week, we have to try to make an effort to get a tree and put it up before freakin’ Christmas actually happens, and we’re going to see Wicked at some point as well.  Busy, busy.  The writing is… well, not quite nonexistent, but pretty close.  I switched from my Nano project to writing bits and pieces of like 3 different things, but if I happen to focus on any 1 I will let you know.

In the meantime, hope everyone is well, and good luck with whatever YOUR insane holiday schedule is!



6 thoughts on “My 23rd Birthday

  1. Happpppy birthday!!! Your party sounds awesome 🙂 Sadly my internet browser isn’t displaying the pictures for some reason … I’ll have to check back later and see if that helps. Anyhoo, yay party, yay librarian application?, yay successful writer’s meeting! My own birthday is coming up on Thursday, so believe me when I say I understand how stressful it is to have a birthday around this time of year 🙂

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