As you should already be aware, I recently started posting my story chapter-by-chapter on  I figure I’ll probably do this weekly or bi-weekly, depending on what works best.  But I was just wondering–what day is better for updating Life of Gaia?  Is there a certain day people are bored and on the computer?  A day when you have nothing else to do but sit at home waiting to read the next chapter of my story?  (Ha ha, I wish!)  Or just a day when nothing else comes out on TV or something, and you figure it would be as good a time as any for new chapters?

Please vote!  And if more than one day seems good, you can choose multiple answers.  (Although try not to pick EVERY DAY, since that in no way helps narrow down my choices.)

Speaking of, I’ll probably update the story soon regardless, but I’d like to get on a regular schedule that people can anticipate, you know?  It works well for webcomics–I figure it would be good for my story.  (Although I also set up donations, so if I get $50, I’ll update TWICE.  Cool right?  Not that I figure I’ll get that much, but you never know…)

ANYWAY.  Vote!  Tell me when YOU want to see updates.  It would be nice of you. ❤



3 thoughts on “VOTE for which day I update Life of Gaia!

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