Nanowrimo Week 2 Update

Not today, Maggie Smith, NOT TODAY. 8D

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way: Not only am I still in the running for a Nanowrimo win, I’m still ahead of the game!  Today, as the halfway point, meant 25k words.  I finished up my writing sprint tonight at roughly 30k.

That milestone aside, I also quietly passed a personal goal–the furthest I ever got in Nano was my first year at 25k.  So, huzzah!  Even if some freak happening occurs and I don’t finish, at least I can say I set a new record of my own.

But I want it, guys.

I want it bad.

And I’ve never been so close to actually having it.

For a couple of days there, I succumbed to the laziness, the urge to just do nothing.  Which, I mean, it happens, you know?  We all have days where we’re too busy to write, or we just… can’t drum up the urge.  Usually, especially if you’re an established writer, you work through those days anyway, like anyone who wakes up feeling like they don’t want to go to work but go to work anyway.  Some people, like me in previous years, allow that to throw us off the wagon, where we sit feeling guilty enough that it derails the entire game.

Luckily I had written enough to deflect those few days of no writing, so I wasn’t technically behind.  Which was good, because being behind would have made it harder to keep going.  But being on the cusp of behind-but-only-just, I was able to pick up those reins and spur myself onward.  My story cobbled itself along, limped through a couple of bits, then righted itself again in new and more interesting territory.  Finally, with an hour left at the coffee shop before they were obligated to kick me out, I said ‘to heck with it!’ and wrote the extra 1k it took to hit 30, because it was just too tempting.

So here we are, me ahead of schedule as we make our way into week 3.

That’s never happened before, and I kind of like it.

Of course there will be more road blocks ahead–Thanksgiving, a mind-numbing and back-breaking retail holiday schedule to slog through, and other such things–but I’m hoping to keep my lead and use it when I really need it.  Sure, finishing ahead of time would be NICE, but let’s be practical–the goal is just to finish 50k in 30 days.  I’m not greedy here.  No 150k or 200k, or whatever other crazy numbers some nutty people achieve.

Not YET, anyway.  Maybe next year.

Keep pushing you guys!  After all, a word written is… well, a word written.


On a totally unrelated note: WATCH THIS. ❤  Bee and Puppycat by Natasha Allegri.  It’s like the drawing of Adventure Time, the awkwardness of Girls, and the sparkles of Sailor Moon had a baby.  Okay, parts of that could be off-putting, possibly, to silly people, but WATCH IT ANYWAY.


5 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Week 2 Update

    • THANKS SO MUCH! 8D I know, I was psyched to be doing so well. At this point it would just kill me to NOT finish, you know? ‘Cause I’ve never been so close, and I’ve never won, so… THIS YEAR, MAN.
      And yes, Bee and Puppycat is adorable! Luckily for both of us, they just had a SUCCESSFUL kickstarter, so they are going to make more episodes—yay!

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