The Emergency Post of Amazing News


Oh, wait, you mean you want to know where you’re going and what you’re voting for?  UGH, fine, I guess I’ll explain:

I had totally meant to talk to you guys a bit before this day came, but then life got in the way, and there were other things to talk about, and then suddenly IT HAPPENED, and I was fumbling around with panicked excitement because, DEAR LORD, this is a thing that has happened and I’m not sure my brain is functioning properly.

There is a site that you all should be familiar with called  Tis a great place where, as the name would suggest, they have brought back the classic literary form of the serial, where you read stories a chapter at a time as they are released.  I found about it through the Nanowrimo forums, and promptly flipped a nut, because it was SO COMPLETELY PERFECT FOR ME.

You guys know that I recently finished the first draft of my story, The Life of Gaia.  At least, I hope you know that, because if not you HAVEN’T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.  I knew pretty much from the beginning that this wasn’t a story I was going to be pursuing traditional publishing on, for a variety of reasons.  I’m a big baby about rejection, the STORY is my first baby, and the fact that it is going to be like 8 books long were all things that played into that.  So I mostly set my sights on self-publishing because, well, I still want to see it in print someday, and let people read it.

But then I found this site, and it totally changed the plan.  Or at least expanded it.

See, when you publish through Jukepop, they don’t have any of the rights.  You can STILL publish elsewhere later, when the story is done.  In the meantime, you just have to post a chapter every month to stay in the game, and if you get enough votes, they offer MONETARY INCENTIVES to keep going.  My other plan simply involved me forking over money, so the idea of getting paid was kind of a crazy, wild one.  Granted I only get paid if it’s popular, but I have to hope it will be… right?

(Granted, the top story over there has been the top story for ages now, and it’s a zombie story, but THAT’S OKAY.)

SO I GUESS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS, I sent in my first chapter.  They accepted it.


The BEEYOOTEEFUL cover I whipped up for LOG since the fancy cover I commissioned isn’t done yet. 🙂 I think it looks nice!

And even now, as I write, Life of Gaia chapter 1 is available for the masses to read.  THAT MEANS YOU GUYS TOO.  It might not hold quite the same excitement as news about getting an agent or releasing a whole book, but this is the first time I’m really letting go of it, letting other people beside those close to me read it.

It’s terrifying, but also totally amazing.  And I really hope you’ll go over there, sign up, read my story, love it, and vote me to glory.  I would be eternally grateful.

I’ll do more posts on JukePop later, but for now, here’s the link to my first chapter:

I’ll probably post 2 or 3 times a month to keep things fresh.  It’ll be like old times back in college, when I wrote a messy chapter, cleaned it up, then read it out loud at the writer’s meeting every week.   Except bigger and scarier and ohgodi’mgonnapuke.


I’m going to go distract myself, so I don’t sit there refreshing the page and waiting for votes that may or may not come quickly enough to satisfy my fragile ego.  (Especially when it comes out at 7PM at night…)  Business as usual.




6 thoughts on “The Emergency Post of Amazing News

  1. Very cool!!! I’ll go read right now and vote you up 🙂

    So once you’ve published the whole thing to this site … will you leave it there, or publish again via Smashwords or something to that effect?

    • Thanks so much!! =D I see that you not only voted, but commented! (Which was funny, since someone else commented on the funny swear-words. They weren’t even in there to begin with–my entire grasp over Lysaran’s mythology came about after a general comment somebody made on my first chapter draft. Funny how those things work, huh?)
      And once the whole thing has finished on JukePop, I do intend to self publish it through more traditional means–you know, do the ebook/print route, because it’s my first book and it’s my baby and I want to be able to hold it in my hands. ❤

      • Maybe!! After all, I want to give people SOME incentive to buy it when they’ve already read it, you know? So no doubt whatever I glean about it from its time on JukePop will lead to some more edits, and perhaps bigger changes, depending on how it’s received. This is kind of like a big beta-read period, ha ha.

  2. Had to go through the archives to find this. I can’t believe you posted this in November! (virtually choking you). It’s not really your fault it’s mine for not reading blogs during November but it’s a sacrifice I make every year. I’ve been reading your post lately through my WordPress reader, so I didn’t catch the Jukebox entry. I’m going to get caught up a chapter at a time. So proud of you for doing this! You’re inspirational!

    • Ah ha! Well, apparently the not-reading-blogs-in-November thing works for you, since you wrote so much for Nano, so don’t worry about it. You can read it now! =D And thanks so much!! It was hard, making the decision to post it out there for people to read when I’m not really “done” done with it, but that’s part of the process–letting people read it for free so that they can give me comments and insights.
      So, while I don’t know about inspirational, ha ha, I hope that you enjoy it! And especially if you don’t, leave me a comment and let me know where I went wrong! We’re in this crazy mess together after all. x)

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