Meet My NEW Nano Story, Everyone!



Well, you know me–at least hopefully you do, a little bit, by now–and you know that sometimes I just can’t stick to one thing.  I started Nanowrimo with every intention of working on that OTHER project.  And I did–for a couple thousand words.  But I was just going through the motions.  I wasn’t entirely sure where I was heading with it.  As you know, I’ve discussed how that usually causes problems for me.  The problem this time was just not being ready to write that story yet.

So I switched to something else!

So far that story has been going.  I’m not sure if it’s any good, especially being fueled by my Nano-centric writing style, but the words keep pouring out, so I’m taking that as a good thing.  And in this case, it has already surprised me by going in directions I never thought it would–namely becoming something of a futuristic, dystopian, French-revolution story, which also includes commentary on society’s obsession with youth, as well as a sort of Bachelor/ANTM beauty contest.

Sound interesting?  I hope so, because it’s been kind of crazy, seat-of-your-pants going, at least from a writer’s perspective, especially since I knew almost NOTHING about France before I started.  Who thought THAT was a good idea?  IDK.

So after googling a lot of things, mostly French swear-words and fencing terminology, I think I’m ready to go with it.  Driving myself nuts about perfection has never really been my style anyway.  When I’m done, people are more than welcome to complain that it isn’t terribly accurate, but be forewarned–my answer will be ‘So what? It’s the FUTURE, and also Dystopian, so neener-neener,’ followed by a huge raspberry.

I’m so grown-up it’s scary.

Anyway!  Assuming this thing goes anywhere, at least beside the requisite 50k words, I’ll probably post more on it in the future, including pesky things like summaries and titles.  For now, just sit comfortably knowing that I’m brewing up something crazy, as well as continuing to work on editing Life of Gaia in my spare moments.

I’m getting story whiplash, but I LOVE IT.

Here’s to a successful first week of Nano!


(Also–Wordles are great fun, but they have an additional use–finding out what words you’ve just used TOO MANY TIMES.  I deleted a lot of mine from the finished product, but if I ever get around to editing this thing, I know what I need to go in and get rid of–yikes!)


2 thoughts on “Meet My NEW Nano Story, Everyone!

  1. As a person who has never had an care about France at all before, I’m shockingly really interested to find out more about this story. Maybe it was the your summary or maybe I’m just an eternal fan of yours but “revolution” and “futuristic” hooked me. Throw in “dystopian” too and you pretty much have a guaranteed reader from me. Congrats on your first week of NaNo! I love it when a new story sinks its sharp, needy claws into you (with the exception of when there’s other work to be done and then it can be a major inconvenience).

    • I know what you mean! The nice thing about work is that when you get home, you’re done. You don’t have homework to work on then for hours. Granted I probably spend more time at work than I ever did in class @ school, but you know what I mean. xD
      AND I KNOW RIGHT? When I realized suddenly that this was going to be set in a France-like dystopic bit, I was like… Why? What interest have I ever had in France before? But it just felt right, so I was like, OKAY, and went with it. It’ll either be terrible or awesome, but I’m doing it either way. 🙂
      And thanks!! =D Here’s hoping you’ll get to read it some day!
      I did an oops yesterday and slept clean through until today without writing my Nano count. !! But since I was ahead anyway, I guess it won’t kill me–I’ll just have to make up for it tonight. *Determined face*
      But yes, I love that feeling too. :)) I keep coming up with new twists and turns for it in my down-moments, and it’s like, OOOH, can’t wait to write that!!

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