A Blog Exclusive: LOG Maps!!

Well, it’s exclusive for now, anyway.  But I’m not ready to reveal that second surprise just yet, so we’ll settle for ‘temporarily exclusive to the blog’ and be done with it.


I finally sat down yesterday, scanned my sketchy map that I drew on notebook paper forever ago, and made a couple of beautiful maps for my story, The Life of Gaia.  One is the entire world of Lysaran, and the other is more first-book specific, focusing on just Aeslen itself.  Obviously knowing what the whole country looks like isn’t terribly important when the first book takes place mostly all in the same area, but hey–you’ll know, I’ll know, EVERYONE will know.

And it WILL come in handy later, I promise!

So, without further ado, here you go!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do (probably not,) or at least get a kick out of seeing never-before-shown stuff from a book that I SWEAR WILL EXIST SOMEDAY IN A READABLE FORMAT.


Beautiful, isn’t it?  All of my linework and patterning was done in SAI, then I went in with Paint to do the lettering.  🙂


For reference, the little pointy upside-down V’s are forests.  Like, you know, trees.  Not mountains.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do for mountains…




3 thoughts on “A Blog Exclusive: LOG Maps!!

  1. Love it! I’m detecting some Elvish influences in your names … although I know Tolkien based Elvish off of assorted European languages, so perhaps you were just inspired by languages in general 🙂 Either way, love these maps! I’m especially intrigued by “The Stretch”. It sounds like the sea is filled with a lot of really long, skinny eels.

    • Ha ha! I basically went through a ton of random-name generators until I found some sounds/letter combinations that I liked, then worked from there. And LOL! The real reason for the name is much less interesting–basically it’s just a long stretch of sea where you can’t stop because it’s just cliff, nothing to dock on. So it’s just a long… stretch… of water. >_> Your idea was much cooler. xD

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