The Nanowrimo Game Plan

November has begun, and I, like many Wrimos, ushered in a month of writing by, well… writing.  If you’ll notice the new and lovely accountability tools on the right side of my website, I even got my wordcount done for the day–huzzah!

Throwing out page after page of crap you wrote during Nanowrimo, ha ha.

I’ve been posting tips and tricks all October, but I thought I would also talk about my personal game plan.  What I’m going to do this month to try to make this the most successful and productive month of writing I’ve ever had.  Taking time out to blog is included in this plan, don’t worry. I would never abandon you guys!  (Plus I hope you’ll all keep me abreast of your own nano endeavors!)

So here’s the skinny:

On days that I work, which actually isn’t that much until Holiday Hours kick in, I’m only responsible for that day’s word count–the prerequisite 1,667 words necessary to drag yourself across the finish line.  Some days that will be easier than others, and I’m certainly allowed to write MORE than that, but after a 9-hour shift your brain usually feels like so much soup, and all you can think about is the stupid conversations you’ve had with people about why they can’t return their sweater from 2 years ago.

Sorry, I had a personal moment.

ANYWAY.  On days that I DON’T work, Praise God, I get to write to my little heart’s content–at least when I’m not doing other things inherent in day-to-day living.  (Cleaning animal cages, doing dishes, showering… you know, that kind of stuff.)  Hopefully at least 5 or so hours will be spent at one of my coffee joints of choice, where the proceeding time will be spent thusly:

For every hour of work, 40 minutes will be spent editing LOGand the remaining 20 I’ll set myself up on Write-Or-Die on their DELETE YOUR SHIT setting, and write my little heart out until time’s up.

The resulting words will probably be of the unnecessary and terrible variety, BUT THEY STILL COUNT, and that’s all that matters my dear friends.  They merely have to exist.

If you have never heard of Write-or-Die, I HIGHLY recommend you look into it–especially if you’re doing Nano.  You can buy a desktop version to download and use off of the internet, which has a lot more fancy settings, but the basics are free to use online.  Simply select how much of a grace period you want, how long you want to write/how many words, and off you go.  You can also choose your penalty.  A friendly reminder to continue writing?  Annoying noises that won’t stop until you start typing again?  Or KAMIKAZE MODE, where the thing literally starts DELETING YOUR WORK if you sit idle for too long.  Trust me, nothing motivates you to keep going like the horror of losing what you’ve already painstakingly come up with.

And the pause button only works once.

The work of an evil genius, obviously.

You know what they say about best laid plans, but I’m hoping that if I can stick to my guns, I’ll be able to get my Nano novel written AS WELL AS continue to edit Life of Gaia, which I realized I couldn’t abandon for an entire month.  It’s too close.  So I’ll just devote my time to doing both, and pretend that my full-time job is writing.  (Wouldn’t THAT be lovely?)



Also, read this picture, it’s hilarious:  A map of the US labeled by an Australian who’s never been here.  Sadly, it looks pretty much like how I would label a map.  (Except I know where Ohio is, having lived here.)


4 thoughts on “The Nanowrimo Game Plan

  1. You’ve got some pretty ambitious plans here, hope it goes well! Write or Die sounds a little too stressful to me, but then so far I’m keeping up with my word count. Maybe I’ll need to resort to something like that at the end of the month. I’m not pushing myself to do too much more than the required word count on any day, although especially on days I work, mostly because I don’t want to get burned out early. If I write 4000 words a day in the first week, I know I won’t make it to the end of the month. So I’m just trying to hit a few hundred above word count, preferably in the morning (my theory is that evening on my early early days I can write a little before work instead of reading useless things on the internet), and then if I’ve made the minimum goal I can go out to play or hang out with friends or whatever.

    • Reading useless things on the internet DOES INDEED take up a lot of time. x) And yeah, it IS a little stressful, but I guess that’s the point–if you REALLY need to get your writing done, there’s no better motivation.
      And I know, right? I’ve been doing work and then coming home and barely dragging my 1600 words out of myself. Meanwhile, one of my Twitter friends has already written 50k words since Nano started… *Infinite feelings of inadequacy.* So I try to tell myself that if she can do THAT, I can do 50 in a month. xD;

    • YUP. That’s the idea! xD I’ve only let it start deleting twice, and it only got through a few words, but let me tell you, it was enough to get me back on that horse, pumping out words! Desperate times call for desperate measures, you know. x)

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