My Top THREE Halloween Movies!

Honestly, the title is pretty self-explanatory. x)

IT’S HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  Sadly I am something resembling an adult, which means society frowns upon me Trick-or-Treating, but all of my friends are out of town, which means I can’t even dress up in something low-cut and go to parties.  (Well, that and the fact that I’m working like all day.  Boo. D:)  I AM STUCK IN A HALLOWEEN RUT.  The tragedy.  The horror.

But the one thing I DO plan on indulging in later tonight, besides candy my parents bought to give to the non-existent children in our neighborhood, will be my list of Halloween greats….  And by that, I mean movies.  Three in particular.  I will now share them with you, because perhaps they will bring you some of the same joy(?) they’ve brought me!

1. Nightmare Before Christmas

Here we have a CLASSIC Tim Burton film.  Tim Burton, a man whose wardrobe and personal appearance seems to scream ‘Halloween’ all year round, really hit it out of the park with this crazy stop-motion claymation movie.  (A personal favorite of mine as far as movie types are concerned.)  However, it has also been CONFUSING the masses since it was released.  Is this a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie?  Arguably both, I rather enjoy watching it at Halloween anyway, simply because there’s an overwhelming array of Christmas movies to choose from, and comparably fewer for this particular holiday.  (At least fewer that I enjoy!)

For anyone who HASN’T seen it: FOR SHAME.  But really.  Jack Skellington is the, I don’t know, Scare King or something of Halloween Town, but he’s super-bored of celebrating one holiday all the time.  So when he stumbles across Christmas Town, Jack has a new, terrible dream–to bring his own version of Christmas to the world!  Predictably this goes terribly wrong, but it’s a fun ride nonetheless, and with wonderful catchy music.


2. Hocus Pocus

Full of early-90s charm, Hocus Pocus is definitely a Halloween must-watch.  Not only does it have a pretty solidly entertaining plot, it also has a decent amount of suspense for a children’s movie, since you know inevitably that everything will turn out all right in the end.  There’s a zombie, and witches, and a talking cat.  What more can you ask for?

A quick summary for those who might be on the fence about watching: (my advice: DO IT)

Some teenage boy and his sister move to a new town just in time for Halloween.  This town was once harassed by three witches, the Sanderson Sisters, back in the day, who ate young children.  (Ew.)  CONVENIENTLY ENOUGH, this Halloween also happens to be the one where the Sisters come back to resume their disgusting diet of child-eating to, you know, preserve them and keep them young.  With the help of a mysterious black talking cat, Teenage Boy and his sister, along with Teenage Boy’s Girl Crush, have to keep that from happening.

Because it’s bad, duh.

3. The Halloween Tree

Oh, Hanna Barbera movies, how I love you.  Anyway!  This always seems to be the least-known of my personal Halloween medley.  Strangely enough, it was ALSO released in 1993, when Hocus Pocus was!  (Go figure–I guess that year was big for Halloween movies.)  Here we have animated 90s kids, although the movie is based off of a 1970s book by the same name, which explored the history and origins of Samhain and Halloween as a holiday.  Maybe that’s why I like it, and it’s not so well known–it was kind of a history lesson disguised as a children’s movie.  HA HA, suckers.

Little known fact, probably, but I found out later in life that the crazy old man from this movie was voiced by none other than THE AMAZING AND TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL LEONARD NIMOY.  Yup.  Bask in that brain-nugget a minute.  Go ahead.

SO, here’s the idea:  four friends are getting ready to enjoy a night of sugar-filled insanity and probably toilet-papering houses, but wait–one member of their little gang is missing!  As they try to find him they wind up at the creepy mansion of a Weird Old Man, who punishes them for being on his lawn by making them come along as he explains the legends and history behind each of their classic Halloween costumes.

I’m kidding, it’s a lot more fun than that!  It involves the ghost of their possibly-dying friend running around with a pumpkin through time and space.  YUP.  Makes the history stuff sound not so bad, right?


A runner-up, because the list of movies I watch for Halloween really IS incredibly short, would be Beetlejuice, ALSO by Tim Burton, go figure.  It’s not really a Halloween movie, but it’s somewhere between funny-and-scary, so lumping it in with Halloween probably isn’t the WORST thing for it.  Really there’s nothing like that dinner-party scene where everybody sings the coconut song and floats around above their chairs.


Have a great night everyone!  🙂  You’re not doing it right unless you’re in a sugar-coma.



4 thoughts on “My Top THREE Halloween Movies!

  1. The Halloween Tree! I used to watch that all the time when I was a kid! Awww man, good memories 🙂 I remember it being really creepy. I’ll definitely have to acquire that and watch it again.

    • Oh sweet, someone else who actually knows about the Halloween Tree! It WAS a little creepy, which I guess was part of its charm…? x) But you totally should! The Halloween Tree and The Phantom Tollbooth–two of my favorite children’s movies that actually taught you stuff, and you didn’t even care.

      • Yeah! Well actually there are parts at the beginning and end that are live-action, but the stuff in the middle is animated. 🙂 It’s really good as a movie! A bit different from the book, but I’m willing to take both.

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