Nano Prep Tip #3: Assemble Your Tools

ALL RIGHT ALL YOU NANONERDS, November is a little less than a week away!  I HOPE YOU’RE GETTING BUSY PSYCHING YOURSELF UP!  I’m doing it by using CAPSLOCK, but whatever works for YOU PERSONALLY!

(Disclaimer: My site does not advocate any actions of psyching that injure you or other parties. We actually don’t advocate anything at all.  Except maybe kittens. And chocolate. Unless you’re allergic, then for heck’s sake, don’t eat chocolate.)

Right, so, yeah, there was a point here.  OH YEAH.  The point was that it’s getting down to the wire, and NOW is the time to start gathering the things you will need for the month ahead!  Because this Nano Prep Tip is:


Now, this is a lot broader than whatever you’re thinking.  Tools aren’t just physical things like pens or Swedish Fish.  It’s things like knowing WHERE you’ll be writing, or what you’ll be writing with.  Those are important issues you don’t want to be hashing out at the start of November when you should be writing your heart out!  (Because everyone knows the Nano flame burns brightest that first blissful week.)  So instead of floundering around on November 1st, wondering where your mother put your lucky socks, start figuring these things out NOW.

I do not actually possess lucky socks OR swedish fish.  Here is a list, however, of all MY tools for the coming marathon.

1. Peet’s Coffee, Harvest Cafe, or Someplace with Coffee and a Plug, Preferably with Internet I can Use

Yeah, I know, real specific.  Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t get a writer-vibe from my house.  Too many things to do, distractions, cats clamoring for attention, PARENTS clamoring for attention, and a room that sucks creativity as much as it has sucked in all cluttery items within a 10-mile radius.  YUP.  The only thing that gets accomplished at home is watching TV shows online, reading, or…. no, those are pretty much the two.  So when I really need to put on my writing-cap (metaphorically, I also do not have a lucky hat,) I get OUT of the house.  Anywhere will do, but I always prefer someplace that will make me coffee and let me use their internet.

2. On that note, Coffee or Tea!

I’m a huge drink-junky.  I always have to have something to drink.  Some days I feel like those aliens–you know, the ones from The Faculty, that had to drink water all the time or they died?  I’m kind of like that.  Except in my case it’s usually coffee or tea.  And since i’m trying not to DRINK coffee these days, (it’s an uphill battle, lemme tell you,) tea is more often than not my drink of choice.  I don’t have a particular favorite, so it’s just whatever I grab first, although lately I have been feeling Winter Spice by Twinings.  Gets me into a holiday mood, I suppose.

3. My Time-Traveler Zip-Up Hoodie, or Something Else Warm

When the east side of Cleveland gets dumped with like 6 inches of snow, you know that fall is on that slippery slope to winter.  Either way, it’s getting cold, and who can think up words when their teeth are chattering?  NOT ME.  If you live in Florida this probably won’t apply, but make sure that when you sit down to write you are comfortably bundled up.  Cold fingers don’t write much of anything, that’s for sure!  (And this is a heart-felt apology to people who live in the Dakotas, or anywhere else that car batteries regularly freeze–I AM SO SORRY.  Good luck, hearty writers, and Godspeed.)

4. Snacks.

Yeah, pretty self-explanatory… HEY, I get hungry being all creative and stuff.  I love those little Dove chocolate bites, with the messages inside?  Tasty, small, AND inspiring.

“I love you, Celeste.” I love you too, little chocolatey squares of goodness, I LOVE YOU TOO.

5. Tunes.

If you’re interested in what I pump into my ears while I’m totally not paying attention, I’ve done a blog before on my current playlist of choice.  🙂

6. Writing Inspiration

Although some people might consider it wasted time, I always like to have books to read when I’m trying to get inspired.  Literally NOTHING inspires me to write like reading something amazing.  I just get filled with the writer’s mojo, and before I know it I’m off on a literary tangent.  (Especially when I read Nora Roberts–no idea why.)  So if it’s a day where I’m feeling less than motivated to write, I keep a book on hand–just in case.  An hour reading, and I’m usually good for at least a couple hundred words.


What do YOU consider indispensable when you’re trying to get your wordcount in during Nano?

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6 thoughts on “Nano Prep Tip #3: Assemble Your Tools

  1. I geared up by cleaning my room. I’ll do a good portion of my work at coffee shops as well, but I need the desk as an OPTION, and for working in the morning in my pajamas.:) Also, I just added you as a buddy on the NaNo Website thing. Good luck to us both… !!

    • Hey, good for you! I never seem to have the motivation to clean my room, ha ha. xD But I also don’t have a desk, so. There will certainly be little-to-no writing done in there.
      I have zombie-brain in the morning and no good can come of that, lol!
      But awesome!! I can’t wait to see how it goes for both of us, and same luck to you. :))

  2. Hehehehe fire melons. 10/10 I will laugh at anything referencing Avatar the Last Airbender. Love that show.

    As for NaNo … tea! Well, actually, I’m currently loving me some iced cappucinos, but that doesn’t really count in the coffee camp as it’s mostly ice, sugar, and syrup.

    • Mmmm, iced cappucino. ❤ That sounds delish. I've mostly given up iced drinks since cold weather has finally descended, but who can say no to ice, sugar and syrup? xDD
      AND ME TOO. Avatar was a great show. I miss it often.

      • Ha ha, of COURSE! I like Korra, but it’s just very different from Avatar. The whole steampunk-city thing isn’t the same as the traveling-around-rural-Asian-countryside vibe, and because the seasons are so much shorter, I don’t feel like we get to know the characters as well, and everything feels kind of rushed. BUT I DO LIKE IT. Especially these last few episodes where they talked about the first Avatar? Loved them.

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