Nano Prep Tip #2: Motivation!

Oh Nanowrimo.  They’re so cute about their little themes. ❤

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE 50 THOUSAND WORDS IN A MONTH, PUNK?  Well, DO YAH?  (Obviously imagine this being said in a Clint Eastwood voice.)

Well good!  That’s the theory, anyway, and with October halfway through I wanted to add another prep-tip for you wanna-be Wrimos out there.  (Myself included, of course, since I’ve yet to win one myself… >_>  SO I’M RIGHT THERE WITH YAH, GUYS!)

Amazing-Awesome-Fantastical Tip #2?  MOTIVATE YOURSELF!

I know it might sound like a super-obvious tip, but motivation can be harder to come by than you think!  For example:

When I have to work in the morning, I can manage to drag my carcass out of bed–sometimes as early as EIGHT AM–so that showering and tooth-brushing is all possible before another day of retail hell.  I don’t like it, but I do it.  My brain gets the memo.  I’m motivated to get up.

But APPARENTLY money and some semblance of adult responsibility that is attached to my dead-end job is the ONLY THING my brain will wake up for.  On days I don’t work?  Forget about it.  You won’t see me crawling out from under those covers until 2 or 3PM.  Honest-to-God, some days I would swear I don’t even HEAR the alarms I set–AND I SET THREE OF THEM.

How can this be, you say?

Motivation, and lack thereof.  It can make or break your Nano dreams.

Motivator 1: Money

Human beings are motivated by several unique things, to varying degrees.  Unfortunately, one of these tends to be money.  A good way to motivate yourself is through monetary means, and this is a new one that I’m taking advantage of this year.  For instance, DONATE to Nanowrimo!  If you’re paying them money, you automatically feel more connected to the program; more invested in its outcome… And yours.  A $10 donation won’t get you any kind of physical reward, but you’ll be out ten bucks, and maybe you’ll remember that in the month to come.

Another idea is to do a pledge, but backwards.  Instead of taking money from others for all the words you write, promise to donate YOUR money for all the words you DON’T write!  How’s that for turning things on their ear?!  You can donate to Nanowrimo, or you can allot the money to your own charities/good causes.  Obviously this one depends more on your keeping your word to yourself, but if you’re committed, it could be a MAJOR motivation to get those words down!

Motivator 2: Rewards

Another fun idea could be to motivate yourself with rewards.  It works well with dogs, right?  I myself am a large proponent of treats–especially chocolate.  Regardless, here’s an idea–promise not to buy yourself ANY special items throughout November… UNLESS you hit your own self-assigned goals.  Make your 1,667 words for the day?  You’re allowed to buy yourself that latte the next morning.  Reach the milestone 10,000 words?  You can get those shoes you were looking at.  Maybe this is just something that would motivate ME, but I enjoy spending money…  (Although if you do this and DON’T finish, assuming you’re also doing the money thing above as well, November could end up costing you a lot of money either way!)

Motivator 3: PEER PRESSURE

Another good motivator: Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW that you’re doing Nanowrimo.  And tell them to check in with you–OFTEN.  Sometimes social pressures can work wonders.  If every time you try to walk out the door, or go out with friends, or eat cheerios in the kitchen in your boxers, someone is asking you ‘So how’s the book going?’ you’re much more likely to want to have something to SHOW at the end of the month for your troubles..  And not look like a giant loser who ‘was gonna write a book in a month, hardy-har-har.’

That also goes well with joining some kind of writing group, or attending your region’s writer meet-ups!  Hanging out with other people who are trying to do Nanowrimo can be a great way to brainstorm and relate, while also having the best audience–the quiet kind that will tell you to stop staring out the window/trying to chew your own arm off and WRITE.

November is going to be a hard month, but by giving ourselves the motivation and incentive to continue, we CAN succeed!

You just need to find out what motivates you.

T-minus 15 days, chums!



2 thoughts on “Nano Prep Tip #2: Motivation!

  1. The last time I implemented a rewards system for writing, I ended up abandoning it entirely and indulging on a hedonistic rampage that left me wallowing in guilt and bankruptcy.

    Ok, ok, that was a lie. I like your motivators 🙂 NANO AHOY!

    • A hedonistic rampage, huh? Shame, that sounded rather exciting!! But thanks. ^^ Just trying to change things up, you know? Especially since it doesn’t seem previous years have been working. But indeed, Nano ahoy! I just got an email today reminding me that it starts in ten days.

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