Time for the October Flagship!

Isn’t that such an inspiring little ship?

It’s that time, folks–the month before Nanowrimo.  This year it’s going to be very different for me–the first Nano where I wasn’t in college, dealing with college stuff.  Sure, I’ll be home, dealing with WORK stuff, but somehow I feel like that’s different.  As an added bonus, I don’t have much of a social life here, so at least that won’t get in the way of my writing goals!

It is October 1st, and since I’m feeling on top of things at the moment I thought I would do a post about my goals for the blog, my writing, and things in general.

First of all, I kept a pretty consistent posting schedule last month–go me!  (And, if you’ll notice, I purposely made it look like a zig-zag pattern on the calendar.  It’s the little things, you know.)  I’m going to try to keep that up this month, and maybe do a little more.  This blog is one of the only things that make me feel like I’m really working towards my goal of being a writer, so I’m desperate to keep it alive any way I can.  Some days it’s all I can do to put words to screen and hit that blue ‘publish’ button, but I’ll keep doing it, even if it kills me!  (Which, I mean, it shouldn’t.  Who ever heard of a blog killing someone?)

((No, really, that’s not rhetorical.  If you’ve heard of that, please, link me below.  I’m curious.))

That aside, I am making myself, and the universe, a solemn vow:  no matter HOW TERRIBLE IT IS, I am going to FINISH THIS DAMN DRAFT OF LOG.  Even if what I write is the utter nonsense of a madman writing at 3AM and fueled by Red Bull, it is GOING to be done.  That way I will have no guilt at all shelving it for a month while I work on my Nano novel, and when I pick it up again to edit in December, I can still say I wrote a book within a year.  All will be right with the world.  That is, for anyone keeping track, literally LESS THAN A CHAPTER’S WORTH OF WORDS in 31 days.  If I can’t manage that, well…  I get the Cone of Shame, I guess.

(I do not like the Cone of Shame.)

Finally, I thought that I might give you guys a few hints/teasers about my Nano novel!  8D  And you know how much I hate doing hints, due to my tinfoil-hat level of paranoia, so this is pretty big stuff.  And although you might assume that my project for Nano is the second LOG book…  You would be wrong.  Nope, that would make too much sense, so instead I’m going to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

For now, you can have the letters–the new book is TAC, tentatively titled (as usual,) and I am very excited about it.  I say ‘new,’ but in reality it’s like LOG was–an idea that’s been fermenting in my brain awhile, then suddenly went PING and became a viable plot–so it’s a new-old idea.  When the idea came about I assumed it would be YA, but with the invention of the newest oddball genre, New Adult, I’ve realized THAT is TAC’s genre, so it is a NA story, meaning the characters are around 19-25 years old, dealing with those fun problems on top of everything else.

The main character of TAC, Teagan, joins us as a post-Freshman-year college student, troubled by a scandal at school and resentful of pretty much everything in her life.  (I know, she sounds like a peach doesn’t she?)  However, when she returns home to Smuggler’s Cove for the summer, she’s greeted by a sister she hasn’t seen for two years, who brings with her a whole new host of problems: a dark and grumpy stranger-type, mysterious powers, and new revelations about what really happened to their parents.

It is, I suppose, a Paranormal story… but also kind of that realistic paranormal?  URBAN FANTASY.  Wow, that took awhile to remember.  ANYWAY, I’m eager to begin, but only once I finish LOG–fingers crossed!

More on Nanowrimo and my preparations for it will come later in the month.  In the meantime, I hope that you’re all doing well, and I’ll see you next post!



8 thoughts on “Time for the October Flagship!

  1. Trying to finish edits on one of my books. I can’t believe how long that takes. Then I’m jumping into a series I started two Nanos ago. Yay for November! It’s kind of cool to be able to say that I’ve written at least one book every year since I started. Amazing right?! (just figured that out as I’m typing this).

    Don’t know of any one killed by their blog, some writers were injured but nothing permanent. There’s a lot of blogocide going on though. Someone should look into that.

    • Lol, yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of–that the editing will take as long as the writing, ha ha! Although I guess it’s like most things–once you get some practice it gets easier. 🙂 But congrats on writing a book a year!! That is a club I would love to join. And yeah, November is going to be just peachy. x) I’m hoping for a Nano WIN!

      And also, ha ha ha, I’m sure the reports of carpal tunnel are high… But I’m glad no dying!

  2. Smuggler’s Cove … sweet name for a hometown! Man, she’d better have something to do with pirates or mermaids, with a name like that 😀

    Not sure what I’m doing for NaNo yet. I could start writing the next book in the ImminDang series … or I could finally start this other fantasy/romance I’ve been thinking of … too many choices!!! ACK!!

    • Ha ha ha! Well, sort of, but I won’t give anything away… <> YET. And yeah, I know what you mean! If I weren’t chomping at the bit to work on this new project I’d probably be flipping through my ideas going ‘Oh man, I dunno, I just dunno….’ But this is the first year I really think I MIGHT have a chance at finishing Nano, like the full-blown 50k words one, so. Pressure!!

      And I can’t tell you which to pick. xD Obviously I love me some ImminDang, but you’re still messing with 2, so… maybe something else would be a nice change of pace? Although since you already had a lot of ImminDang 2 written when you started getting 1 out there, you’re not as far along as you were for 3. Sooooo…. Yeah, you’re right, that’s a tough choice!!

      • I’ve had an idea kicking around for a while about a girl who gets cursed and then all these supernatural creatures appear and they vie for her affections and all she really wants to do is frost cupcakes and get over her cheating ex, but she can’t because vampires, werewolves, liches, etc. keep chasing after her trying to claim her for their own.

      • LOLOL. That sounds like most YA stories, except that everyone being obsessed with her is ACTUALLY A LEGIT PART OF THE PLOT. Which actually might be a nice mix-er-up-er, now that you mention it… Although I’d feel bad, since she wouldn’t know if any of them actually like her.

        Also, ha ha, that bit about the cupcakes is my favorite. I could totally see that. 😀

        …and what’s a liche?

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