I thought that maybe I’d done a post on fall previously, but I didn’t see anything when I searched for it, so…. If I’ve done one before, I guess it just goes to show how much I love fall!


Such a beauteous season!  By far my favorite.  It has the moderate temperatures that I appreciate in both spring AND fall, but with the added bonus of some gorgeous changing colors and that smell of winter setting in.

If I could, I would just live in fall all year round!  

Here’s a list of some of my favorite autumnal highlights as we gear up for this season, and I’m happy to be sharing another fall with all of you!

1. Changing Leaves

I mean, come on, tell me that’s not a pretty picture?  Green leaves are nice, and healthy, and… well, you know, normal.  But as the artistic soul that I am, I can’t help but love it when all those perky green leaves suddenly begin to metamorphose into… well, all kinds of other colors!  Reds, oranges, yellows, sometimes weird hues that seem almost purple…  It makes the landscape that much more interesting.  Plus, although raking leaves can sometimes be a drag (though good exercise,) you can always jump in them when you’re done!

2. Apple Orchards

Something you MAY not have known about me: apples are by FAR my favorite fruit!  There’s just something so convenient about them!  Plus they’re pretty and shiny before you start sinking your teeth into their crisp white flesh.  (Okay, sounds a LITTLE creepy, but…)  And nothing beats a caramel-covered apple when you want a dose of sugar with your sugar!  (I probably like them so much because apples have a high sugar content, ha ha!)  Picking apples is a time-honored fall tradition, right up there with drinking hot apple cider and wagon hay rides.  Which I also love.  Apples just rock!

3. Halloween

While not my FAVORITE holiday (that honor goes to Christmas,) Halloween is still towards the top of the list.  (Probably because it happens during fall!)  Halloween has so many odd traditions that go with it, but I love all the little tricks and treats that come with this strange holiday.  Haunted hay-rides, lots and LOTS of candy, carved pumpkins, costumes…  Really, what’s not to like?  (Maybe setting your scarecrow on fire, but hey, accidents happen…)  That feeling on a crisp fall evening when kids are running around as mermaids or pirates, hyped up on sugar, while you discreetly spike the Halloween punch…  Yeah.  Good times.

4. Thanksgiving

And of course, who can forget Thanksgiving, an entire holiday based around food?  (Oh, well, and the being thankful part… Plus settlers and parades, or something like that.)  Yeah, fall has a couple star holidays!  Although this year my Thanksgiving is likely to be sacrificed up for the God of Retail, it’s still a holiday that I enjoy immensely, if only because it combines two of my favorite things–eating, and hanging out with my family.  Pass that turkey, please!  Oh, right, and Pumpkin Pie, which could get its own listing, but I’m trying to keep it at an even 5.

5. More Fashion Choices!

Ha ha, yes, fashion!  Not to be forgotten, fall fashion has the unique ability to allow a person to wear almost everything in their closet in some way.  Since the weather is cooling down, but not completely frozen yet, out can come jackets–or just layers.  Want to wear shorts?  Just pair them with stylish long socks, tights or leggings!  Skirts and dresses are still a possibility without freezing your a$$ off.  But there’s no snow, so keep on loving those cute gladiator sandals!  Yes, fall is indeed my favorite time for fashion.


Well, I hope you guys also enjoy these things that are so uniquely fall, and enjoy this season as we make our way back into winter!  Have I missed anything that you particularly love about fall?  GASP.  Let me know what your favorites include!




6 thoughts on “HELLO FALL! <3

  1. I love the smell of fall. I was on my daily walk about a week ago, and about halfway through I just paused, mid-step, and sniffed the air, and was like, “Yup, fall has officially arrived”. It was glorious.

    • Yeah!! I definitely know what you mean, and just think it is so groovy that you can literally SMELL weather, or seasons. Like when you can smell snow coming, or rain. I mean, how cool is that? And yeah, I need to start doing daily walks. What do you do in winter?


        Ahem. The thing is, I only started up my daily walk thing back in the spring, so now that my first winter approaches … now that winter is coming, if you will … not sure. I’ve acquired some earmuffs that have built-in speakers and audio jacks, so I’ll be able to listen to music whilst walking in the bitter cold. I’m going to try to go for walks still, but I suspect they might be a bit shorter than my summer walks 🙂

      • Oh, those sound cool! I need to get me some of those, ’cause you know, if you’re not multi-tasking YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. But hey, good for you for starting. I need to get more into shape! Plus, that walking and stuff is good for the creative juices.

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