Where My Stories Are Buried

Happy Sunday all of my lovely writerly fellows!  🙂

Today’s post is in response to this: http://awriterinspired.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/where-do-you-bury-unfinished-stories/ by A Writer Inspired.  She is very inspiring!

The post was talking about what becomes of those ideas that haven’t made it to paper…. yet.  Will they ever?  What do you do with them?  That was the question, and one I felt I could answer relatively quickly before I run off to family dinner, ha ha!

I have a TON of ideas that I haven’t written out as yet, although that isn’t terribly surprising since Life of Gaia is, as I’ve mentioned, the closest I’ve ever gotten to actually FINISHING anything. (Huzzah!)

They are from every possible genre, for a varied age group…  I don’t know.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to the ideas that pop into my brain.  Just the other night I had an idea for a series while on the computer, so I really quickly emailed myself a synopsis to make sure I wouldn’t forget it later.  Sometimes, if I’m out, I’ll write down the stray idea into one of the journals I keep conveniently nearby, to think about more when I have the time.  (In fact, I’ve just been cultivating an idea that I had listening to some music, and it’s beginning to take an interesting shape.)

SO.  Does that mean I just have a bunch of pieces of paper or stray e-mails sitting around? Heck, no!  I have a file saved on my computer where I neatly list all of my ideas, and what I have planned out for them so far.  Some are multiple-page affairs, for stories I really got into planning, and some are nothing more than a line-or-two for general plot.  Nonetheless, they’re all there, patiently, waiting for the time when I’ll suddenly hit the inspiration or breakthrough I need to write them.  That’s what happened with LOG!  It was in that file too, and then suddenly I knew that it was time to write it.

I’m a bit of a hoarder, it’s not really a secret, so I figure I’ll probably do the same with my story ideas.  Probably some of them will never produce fruits, but hey.  At least an idea doesn’t take up room in my house, or need to be sold at a one-day garage sale just so I can get to my bed.  And I remember every single one of the ideas that I have in that file.  Even when I’m not actively thinking about them–or at least aware that I’m thinking about them–they’re fermenting, ready for that EUREKA! breakthrough that will add the missing piece to their puzzle.  So I guess they’re not so much buried.  Just tucked into bed dreaming. 😉

Yeah, this post needed more sleeping baby pandas…

It’s a fun file.  But it’s all mine–for now.

Maybe, someday, we’ll all be lucky enough to see those ideas in physical form.




2 thoughts on “Where My Stories Are Buried

  1. Ideas are flighty things. Good call writing them down 🙂 I too have a Word doc where I jot down assorted story ideas, although they’re usually only like a line or two long. If I really get going with an idea, I’ll start a new doc and start jotting down notes … although I’ve yet to bring one of those stories to life!

    • Hey, you’ve gotta wait till the muse calls, y’know? Otherwise you’re not gonna have any mojo to write… And muse’s are such hopeless things. They never show up when you need them!

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