Are You #PitMad?

Now I know you’re all familiar with Twitter, and I hope that, if you’re one of my writing friends, you have one!  Not that you  necessarily need to post every day or stay stuck to it all the time, but it can be a great tool for following editors, agents, and other writers, many of whom have great insights into the world of publishing!

One such fun side-effect of being on Twitter is an event I follow called #PitMad.  I know, it sounds kind of like some crazy Gladiator-esque affair, but it stands for Pitch Madness.  #PitMad is a hashtag where, when running, you can post a short 140-word pitch of your story.  Lots of agents follow it throughout the day, and if they like your pitch, they’ll ask you for a full query–or even some pages/chapters!  It’s a great way to get yourself noticed as well.

Like I said one just happened, but they happen pretty regularly, which is just SO nice of whomever created it. 🙂  So if you have a novel that is finished and polished up, I highly recommend that you utilize #PitMad when it rolls around, because you never know!  A lot of the agents who frequent it rep YA novels, but several also do other genres.  Even if you’re not sure whether yours fits, I would give it a try anyway.

Twitter can be a little overwhelming, but there are a lot of other events like #PitMad to take part in.  Cupids Literary Love Connection or @CupidsLLC posts often, and their website hosts a variety of little contests to help pair up authors and agents.

Who knows what potential openings you could discover?

And of course, if you get a Twitter, give me a follow @CelesteDeWolfe!




One thought on “Are You #PitMad?

  1. Man, I’m so bad at Twitter. I’ve figured out how to hook up my blog to it, but beyond that … I mean, every time I check my Twitter feed, it’s bloated with all these random tweets from people I don’t know because I’ve been doing the “Follow everyone who follows you” method so now I’m following like a thousand people I don’t know and … *gasps for breath* Basically, Twitter perplexes and baffles me 🙂 Good on you for using it properly, though!!! 😀

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