New Place of Writing AWESOMENESS

I guess that’s kind of ambiguous as a title, actually.   Wait.  Maybe not.  Nevermind.  I don’t even know what’s happening right now.  And no, I’m not drunk, it’s like 3PM.  Orrrr 5PM.  I guess I COULD be drunk, if I worked really fast, BUT NO.

I am having an iced vanilla matcha latte and a blueberry muffin.  At my awesome new digs.

(And yeah, we’re just going to pretend I haven’t missed posting for like over a week, because we’re all well aware that my life is bland and boring most of the time.)


None of you will know this, but there is a shopping center if you drive, like, 20 minutes straight from my house.  It has the usual shopping-center things, as well as some of my favorite stores, like World Market and Pier I and Chipotle, which isn’t a store but is still sweet.  But I digress.  It USED to have a Caribou Coffee until recently.  I was kind of bummed to see it go, even though I’d only been there like twice, but I DID like the coffee, although I’ll drink overly-priced coffee pretty much anywhere.

Not mine, but remarkably similar, so. I thought they might look at me funny if I started right off by taking pictures of them.

BUT then I heard about this new coffee/tea place going in out at the shopping center and, after driving around in circles like 3 times and missing the entrance to it like a zillion times, I finally found it, exactly where I figured it would be–in the old Caribou Coffee joint.  It’s called Peet’s Coffee and Tea, if you’re interested.  (Whoops, forgot to highlight ‘tea’, and too lazy to fix it.  Yup.)

Today, being the last day of a three-day vacation I accidentally got from work, I decided to go out and find this place and check it out, because I love me some coffee and tea, even though I’m SUPPOSED to not be drinking coffee anymore.  (Hence, of course, the matcha latte and probably the chai latte I will get later, ’cause I ❤ chai.)  AND I THINK I’VE FOUND MY NEW WRITER-LY HANGOUT.

The staff is newbs and messed up my order like twice, once they ACTUALLY messed it up, and the second time they were about to make it over again because she thought it wasn’t what I ordered, but it actually WAS… yeah, confusing, but the guy making it was cute, so I didn’t mind going back up and down and looking at him. 😉  (SOBAD.)  But I don’t really care, because hey–it takes awhile to get down a new job, you know?  I’m willing to wait it out–I’m not a jerk.  Plus I was mostly just buying stuff so I could use their internetz without feeling guilty.

(For more info on buying things, cafes, and avoiding looking like a jerk, see THIS POST.)

Tl;dr, my new writing hangout is Peet’s Coffee and Tea.  They close at 8PM tonight, though, and I just got here, so I’m not going to a ODW (One Day Write) like I originally intended–instead, today is just a scope-out day to figure out where the best seats, views, and plugs are located for next time, when I will get here early and burrow myself in for the long-haul.  (Also to gauge their feelings about people who hang out all day, LOL, which could of course make or break this tentative relationship of girl-writer and coffee shop.)

But I’m a wanna-be writer, right?  I’m like, the backbone of the coffee shop.  So I’m hoping they will appreciate me for the obvious GOLDMINE that I am.

Guess that’s it for now, guys!  Hopefully, next day off I get, I will be able to properly regale you with stories of my (successful) One Day Write, or something.  In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about going through my personal library of books and listing some of my favorites–would that be of interest to anyone?  PSYCH, don’t care, i’m doing it anyway. 😉


(BTW, matcha hot?  Gross.  Matcha cold?  Delicious.  Go figure.  And this from someone who had Japanese matcha in a LEGIT tea ceremony, and still could hardly stomach it.)

And yeah, I DID go to the fair, but since my experience there was pretty much the same as at the Corn Fest, I decided to spare you the deets.  (Well, with the added bonus of being slobbered on by farm critters, which I just love.)  That, and having pudding shots at my friend’s going away/birthday part, are pretty much the highlights of the past two weeks.  Urgh.  I need a more exciting life!



PS: The GREAT GATSBY is coming out on DVD!!  Buy it!  It was an AWESOME movie, although the ending will (SHOULD) make you sad, so… watch maybe with a bucket of ice-cream at your side and some tissues.  But also, LEONARDO DI CAPRIO.  Enough said.


3 thoughts on “New Place of Writing AWESOMENESS

  1. Matcha is a strange, strange substance. Agree – hot = ick, cold = yum. When I was in Korea, my go-to beverage was an iced green tea latte. Yummmm. Actually, interesting side note, if you try to order green tea in a Korean Dunkin Donuts, they give you a green tea latte. It’s a thing. I don’t know why.

    Where was I going with this? Ummmm … right! Yay for potentially finding a new writing venue!!! I love that they’re so new at their job that they screwed up your order twice 🙂 But you’re super nice, so I’m sure you were all, “Nah, it’s fine, don’t even worry about it, no worries bro, totes fo sho” and then you’d start rapping because apparently you’re a gangster.


    • Yeahhh… after hot matcha I stayed away from it for awhile, but the lure of it cold was too strong. Glad that I succumbed! ^^ And although I don’t see myself in Korea anytime soon, I will take that advice to heart, because hey! You just NEVER KNOW.

      Ha ha ha,hey. I’ve been that newbie before–we’ve ALL been there, and it sucks, especially to mess up on the same person more than once. But I’m a chill dude, so yeah, that was basically my response. xDD

      And I am SO hood, you don’t even know. Fo rizzle.

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