Titles Schmitles

Btw, believe it or not, but ‘schmitles’ isn’t a word. 😮  Crazy right?  I made it alllll up. *GASP*

Anyway, this works on a few levels.  One, I had no idea what else to name this, and two, the post is TALKING about titles, go figure! x)

Sooo… sorry it’s been like, a week.  But I guess lots of things only update once a week, so I shouldn’t stress so much, right?  This past week was just crazy–I worked a lot, and everyone was leaving to go back to school, so my free time was spent hanging out with  my homies before they’re all gone! (sadface)  Birthday parties, shopping, yada yada…  Yeah.  BUT HERE I AM!  I wouldn’t forget you guys. ❤

Plus, there’s this title thing that I would LOVE some opinions on!!

Basically, I’m waffling on the title of my book.  I know, I know, finishing it would probably be the best place to start, but that will come sooner or later.  And when it does, I need to actually know what to name it.  Not that Life of Gaia hasn’t grown on me, but I’m just not sure.  It still reminds me a lot of ‘Life of Pi’, or whatever.  Although the other idea I’m tossing back and forth, which isn’t that different, ALSO reminds me of a title.  Maybe I just can’t win.  Plus there’s the fact that ‘Gaia’ seems to be in a lot of book titles these days.  Urgh.

Anyway, so, I just sort of need some opinions.  I figure either The Life of Gaia, or, the other idea I’ve been thinking of, which is The Second Life of Gaia.  (It makes sense with the book, trust me.)  I’m thinking that if it were written out on the cover of the book, it ‘Second’ would be kind of in parenthesis, like The (Second) Life of Gaia or something like that.

Is that dumb??

I don’t even know anymore.  I feel like I’m so close to this I can’t look at any of it objectively anymore. Dx  URGH.  It’s like in my art classes when they would always warn you to step back and look at your art from a few feet away every once in awhile, ’cause if you’re all up in your work you can only see bits of it, but you have to look at the whole picture and make sure it still looks good, you know?  But I feel like it’s totally impossible for me to do that right now, HENCE my asking you people!


Would you rather buy a book called The Life of Gaia?  

Or would something called The (Second) Life of Gaia be more intriguing?

Do they both just remind you too much of that Pi book?

Do they BOTH sound terrible, and I just need to scrap them all?

Do you even care?  @___@

I figure I need to figure this out now, ’cause I don’t want to get too far down the road with this book without knowing exactly what I’m calling it.  That’s just terrible marketing, you know.

ANYWHO, thanks for your opinions–they’re so helpful!  🙂


(Also, here’s a video that has nothing to do with anything for you to enjoy!)


4 thoughts on “Titles Schmitles

  1. Hmm … title are always tricky. Before we get into that, I need to watch this video. One second. Hahaha I love the cop guy … he keeps like jumping in and rocking out when they’re in their boy band groove. Quoth my brother: “This is offending my delicate sensibilities. OH! He’s supposed to be a lion? That explains the outfits.” I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s the Beast, not a lion. Silly brother is silly.

    As for your title conundrum … hmmm. I like the poetic nature of The Second Life of Gaia. But if you put the Second in brackets, it makes the book seem very modern and edgy, and as I think the story is a fantasy, you might not want to go that direction. As for straight-up Life of Gaia, I mean, yes, it does evoke Life of Pi, but … that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That similarity is what got me interested in the first place.

    Here’s a suggestion, and it’s probably a terrible one, but whatever. So think up a bunch of possible titles, write them down, and then ask your friends and/or random people on the street which one is their favourite. It sounds silly, but that’s exactly what I did with Imminent Danger. I actually really disliked the name when I first stuck it on the list (I think it was my mom’s idea or something), but then everyone loved it, and thus I chose it and loved it as a result. So … yeah. 😀

    • LOL. Your brother can’t even pick out the Beast? He’s a CLASSIC Disney character! Tsk… xDD
      YEAH, titles are a bummer, but I guess when you finally get used to it it’s awesome. 🙂
      I like your suggestion though! I think I will just go around asking everyone what they think, lol.
      Probably for a traditional ‘Fantasy’ novel I wouldn’t do the (Second), but, as you’ll see when you read it, I’ve tried to make LoG.. well, I’ve written it in a hipper, more laid-back script than the heavy style usually employed in fantasy, so I think it might fit…?
      IDK. xD
      So complicateddd.
      But thanks for trying to help! x)

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