Eat ALL THE THINGS at the Corn Fest!

Realizing that I was getting dangerously close to not posting for, like, a WEEK, I decided to throw this up.  I know, I know, these posts make it seem like my life is a glamorous collection of running around from weddings to reunions to festivals willy-nilly, but rest assured that the in-between is soul-crushing boredom and days spent at work, so.

I’m human, just like you. (Lol!)


We’re known for 2 things here, and those are:

1. A still-running drive-in movie theater that is really cool, and

2. Corn.

Yup.  Ridgeville used to be corn-central back in the day, before all these PEOPLE showed up and built developments and crowded schools and grocery stores, or whatever.  It still has some corn, but mostly now we just have THE CORN FESTIVAL.

I’d forgotten that I wasn’t even at the Corn Fest LAST year, as it ended right before I got back from Ireland, so I realized I hadn’t yet gotten to regale you with more boring stories of traditions and what I do when I’m not writing!  (Aka most of the time.)  So here they are!

The Corn Fest isn’t a huge thing, but it’s a good way to hang out with like, everyone else in Ridgeville for a weekend.  They close off a block, line the street with vendors, and stick carnival games and rides back behind the library–VOILA.  Festival.  When I was younger I used to do the rides more, but walking around this year I was made aware that an overwhelming number of the like 15 rides are for children.  </3  Just too old now I guess…

I basically save up like $50 in the week leading up, and then proceed to gorge myself silly on carny food for three days.  Is it the best way to spend $50?  Eh, probably not, but ask me whether I care when I’m chowing down on Dip’n’Dots and a Bloomin’ Onion.  (As well as corn, a pork sundae, bucket’o’fries, root beer float, kettle corn, chicken satay, lemonade, elephant ear…  Yeah, this post could just be called ‘What I ate at the Corn Fest.  Well.  It kind of is.)

Also, this year was the first year, because of missing last  year, that I got to go to the BEER TENT and drink!  Not that I like beer, of course–nasty stuff–but they had some kind of Bud Lite Lime Straw-ber-rita thing that was at least a pretty hefty can for $4, and tasted more like sugary strawberry syrup than beer, so.  The only problem with the Beer Tent is that you have to drink your alcohol INSIDE THE TENT, so… it gets kind of boring standing there after awhile.  We kept it to one and then moseyed along.

Finally, for the first year ever, I stuck around long enough on the first day to see the FIREWORKS!  It’s pretty soon after the 4th of July, but honestly, I just love fireworks.  (They’re so pretty…)  It was a good time.  The ice cream stand I used to work at made Corn-flavored ice cream out of sweet corn the past few years, but I don’t think they did this year.  ;(  Sadface.  It was one of those things you either loved or you hated, and I, in typical me-fashion, LOVED that stuff.

Anyway, the Corn Fest is just one of those things that you go to every year if you can.  It’s a North Ridgeville thing.  And I’m kind of sentimentally fond of them anyway, since I won their scholarship when I graduated after writing a very nice essay about ‘What the Corn Fest means to me.’  It was touching, really.  But the scary thing was, I meant it.  No matter where you live, there will be problems.  We have plenty of our own.  But the Corn Festival is the one time I feel like I live in a community, not just clustered in the same area as a bunch of other people.  It’s a nice feeling.

This is an accurate representation of the corn-eating contest.


Much love to you guys, and I hope you enjoy your own summer festivals, fairs, etc!

(Speaking of, the County Fair is coming up, so prepare to be bored to death hearing about THAT as well!!)



4 thoughts on “Eat ALL THE THINGS at the Corn Fest!

  1. I love how much you care about your corn fest — makes me wish I’d actually grown up in the same town for more than 3 years at a time (Dad got transferred a lot so we kind of hopped around the country). The closest I ever came to really caring about a local festival was the Aurora Fair and Horseshow, where I volunteered through most of high school, but they shut down a few years ago, so … sad face. On the plus side, I totally rocked Ribfest two weekends ago and, like you, gorged myself on carnival food. Well, mostly ribs, but still! Ooooh and they had a butterbeer booth! It wasn’t very good, but it was more the thought that counted than anything else 🙂 When are you going to finish Life of Gaia so I can reeeeead it???

    • Yeah. I’m a person who is fueled by nostalgia and tradition, so I like my routines and the things I do every year. xD Not to say I don’t like new things! But old things also make me feel warm and fuzzy. Sorry about your horse show. 😦 I’m sad for you, since I LOVE horses. WOO RIBS. God, ribs and BBQ sauce are, like, some of my favorite things ever. @^@ SO JEALOUS. LOL thaaaaats a good question… xD;; Uhm. Soon hopefully? I’M TRYING, IDK WHATS WRONG WITH ME. I’m literally almost done, like, if I just sat down with it for like 2 hours it would be finished. Ungh. I need to do that.

      • Okay, I have a plan for you. Ready? I assume you own a laptop? If not, buy one. Next step, go to your favorite coffee shop. Buy your favorite drink, and also a tasty snack. Now sit down, open up your laptop, drink, eat, and write. You aren’t allowed to leave the coffee shop until you’ve finished your story. It doesn’t have to be good, but it does have to be finished. You can edit it later. If the coffee shop closes before you finish, you lose the game, and your soul is forfeit. If you finish your story, you win a completed story!

      • Ah ha ha! All right. x) I guess, if we’re playing for my soul… That sounds good, I’m gonna have to do that. I’ll do another ‘One Day Write,’ but… with added soul-in-the-balance goodness!

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