Family Reunion Times!

I have to admit that sometimes this blog is entirely more about personal stuff than I ever figured this blog would be.  I don’t know why I ever thought I would have enough to say about my writing to take up EVERY BLOG POST, but I guess a girl can dream.  Anyway, sorry if it’s boring for you. xD  My only hope is that in hindsight, when I am rich and famous and everyone is desperate to know more about me for some reason, they will find these as and think of them as a goldmine instead of the distractions that they are! 🙂

So, yup!  Family reunion time again.

I don’t think that I went to it last year, though–I would have still be in Ireland if my calculations are correct–so at the very least I haven’t regaled you with stories from a family reunion before, because I will admit that they are pretty much the same every year. xD  (But we like our traditions around here, so it’s not so bad.)

Basically everyone wakes up at like 8 when we intend to leave at 8:30AM, then runs around in a panic (except of course for my father, who has been up since the buttcrack of dawn and is ready an hour before any of us even gets up) trying to get dressed and get ready for the 3-hour drive to Erie, PA.  We are then all shoved, four adults, in my moms car, which isn’t TOO bad, but was certainly roomier when Kelsey and I were small.  Also included in the count is a container of sausage-and-sauerkraut, which proceeds to give the car a VERY distinct aroma for the next forever.  (I mentioned this, I think, on a post about the senses–how that sauerkraut smell always makes me think of the reunion.  That’s why!!)

So, we get there about 12.  This year my grandparents set it up, although usually our relatives out in PA have that honor.  This year they just celebrated a wedding last week, (I have been to PA a lot lately,) so we offered to help out and give them one less thing to worry about.  It wasn’t that hard–basically just tamping down the tablecloths and arranging the food.  It’s a potluck kind of deal, but we grabbed some extra stuff from Sam’s Club.  Since lots of people now are older or dead, there isn’t as much need for tons of food as there used to be, but it’s still a pretty sweet spread.

Anyway!  First is saying hello to all of the relatives.  I can never remember how they’re related to me–most are cousins of my grandparents, or their descendants–and I haven’t seen them since the LAST reunion, so I do my best to remember in the temporary-storage part of my brain fully expecting to forget and have to be reminded again next year.  For awhile myself, my sister and my cousins were the ‘babies’ of the reunion, but now we’re all so old that there is a new generation of small children running around.  It’s so weird.

Then the eating commences, and that’s a nice, long, drawn-out affair.  My eating is more in stages.  Eat a plate, go do something, eat some more, play around, eat, creek, eat…  You know.  It doesn’t just happen all at once.  I make sure to head home thoroughly stuffed, because I know that nobody is going to feel like cooking anything when we get home. xD  It’s a challenge keeping the flies off, but hey.  Totally worth it.

FINALLY, without fail, my sister and I (and our cousins if they’re present, which sadly they were not this year,) always end up in the creek.  A large, winding creek cuts through the park where we have our reunion, and it’s a great place, really.  I always feel so rugged and outdoorsy when we climb down in it every year to trudge around.  Normally the water levels are pretty low and it’s easy to get around, but this year there was heavy raining the day before and it was higher and faster than I ever remember.  Not that this stopped us, of course–we just had to be careful not to slip and fall in.  (Although my sister, smart cookie that she is, brought her SWIMSUIT.  Durh.  Why didn’t I think of that?)

Basically, there are these tiny little minnows in the creek, especially in the shallow sections.  And every year we take a couple of styrofoam cups, go down into the creek, and have a contest to see who can catch the most.  (I am the almost-undefeated victor.)  I won’t lie–it takes some skill.  Some patience.  A real slight-of-hand.  But hey.  It has to be done.  This year they were so scarce because of the water levels that my sister and I agreed to simply combine our efforts and try to get 100.  It didn’t take as long as I might have thought.  (And then yes, of course we let them go.)

We saw the funniest thing though,

as we were going back to the pavilion.  There was a little miniature-waterfall in the creek, which was pumping out water pretty fast.  And at the base, we saw… minnows.  Big, fat minnows, throwing themselves up at the waterfalls like freakin’ salmon.  It was HILARIOUS.  We couldn’t believe what we were seeing–at first I thought it was water, you know?  But nope, it was the little fish.  We were like, why are they doing that??  Made no sense, and not a single one made it up while we were watching.  I have no idea if they’ve ever done that before, either.  I will have to check next year and see.

Finally, tired from our water adventures, my sister and I went to hang out in this little kiddie-pool thing they have for children with, you know, more hygienic and chlorinated water.  We both fell asleep half-in, half-out of it, and I got a sunburn on my arm, the only part of my body that was exposed. WHOOHOO.

Then it was time to leave, and I literally slept THE WHOLE WAY HOME, which almost never happens.  I was pooped!  Not as young as I used to be, y’know. ;P  BUT yeah.  Good times, always.  And I like hanging out with my family, weird as we always are together.

AND NOW, a picture of my mom, sister and I dancing at the wedding, because apparently this is the only way to prove it happened. xD  (I’m on the right in the blue dress, clapping above my head. xD  no idea what was happening right then.  Lots of drinking was involved.)

As a last thought, I THINK THIS IS MY 100th POST GUYS! (Sorry it’s not on something more interesting!)


2 thoughts on “Family Reunion Times!

  1. 100th post! Wooo! And I now believe that you attended a wedding — I totally wouldn’t have if you hadn’t posted that picture 😛 Your family reunion sounds awesome. We used to do family reunions a lot, but we haven’t in recent years. Probably because everyone’s always busy and we live in different provinces and whatnot … hmmm. Is there a particular reason for the sauerkraut car snack? It seems like an unnecessarily smelly tradition, lol, but I guess that’s the fun of traditions.

    • NO REASON AT ALL. My mom just decided, years ago, that sausage and sauerkraut was an easy thing to make for the reunion potluck, and VOILA. A car that smells like sauerkraut every year. xD But yeah–it would be a shame to change it after all this time.

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