Love on the Line Comic-thing!

I know, I know.  You guys would probably have a heart attack if I actually posted about WRITING something. :I  Well, there you go!  I don’t want to be responsible for any deaths out there, y’hear?  So obviously the procrastination must CONTINUE. 8D

In my defense, this week was pretty busy–we drove out to Pennsylvania to attend a second-or-third-cousin’s wedding, which was really fun. 🙂  My mom, sister and I all got our groove things on, even though a majority of the songs were disco and that was sort of not my era…  Luckily dancing to disco is one of the easiest things ever!  You just take a lot of ordinary things and turn them into dance moves.  (Sprinkler, lawnmower, oven… just to name a few.)  The actual marriage ceremony was done outside, despite the fact that it was raining… but honestly it was really short, and I didn’t mind in the least.  (Especially when I got inside the reception and realized they had an OPEN BAR AND A CANDY BAR, OMG.)  What more do you need in life? (Also, I looked ADORABLE.)

So that was pretty sweet, but now I’m back to work, and I work a ton this week and next week.  (Oh, and my family reunion is the 2nd!  That should be fun–it usually is.  I’ll probably do a post on that.)  BLEH WORK.  But hey, life, y’know?  THE POINT IS, I’ve kind of been doing some writing, but more about that later.  Right now is a short (HAR HAR HAR) post about a little comic project I’m working on!  (Because the more distractions the better!)

Probably you all get the idea that I’m an artist as well as wanna-be writer, and I draw pictures all the time.  🙂  WELL, lately I’ve been doing several pictures in sort of a, sequential endeavor, following the characters you’ve probably heard me talk about from a project I work on with my friends Annika and Amanda. =D  Love on the Line, in this comic form, takes place at an elite private High School called Kingston Academy.  Lana, Vanessa and Sonya are three seemingly-normal seniors who have not-so-normal powers… And the love lives of their classmates will depend on the three of them using their powers for good!  (You see how this idea is less outrageous in comic form, right?)

And I mean, hey, technically I write the comic, SOOOO…. Totally valid!

Booyah!  Chapter 1 Cover! :)

Left to right: Vanessa, Lana, Harvey

The art isn’t like, AMAZING, but I didn’t want to make too much work for myself in hopes that I would stick with the project.  (You see how that works for my blogging!)  Anyway, I thought I would just stick the link in here to see if anyone was interested. 🙂  I host it on, where you can find a whole MULTITUDE of comics, free for your perusal!  (I follow TONS of them!)

So yeah. if you’re interested.

Maybe next post will actually have something to do with writing!  (But don’t hold your breath. 8))



3 thoughts on “Love on the Line Comic-thing!

  1. Logan is such a jerk!!!

    Hehehe. I totally read the comics you have up so far, and they’re adorable. I particularly loved the framing (is that a thing?) on the page where Vanessa is walking away from the sign-in table.

    Pictures of the wedding or it didn’t happen!

    • Ha ha, SUCH a jerk!! 🙂
      Aw, thanks dear. ❤ Yeah, I liked how that page came out too! And I'm not sure, but I know what you're talking about, so that's what counts. She's so awkward, lol. I love it.

      I'll try to remember to include one or 2 in my next post!! I'd hate for you to think I'm making these things up! xDD

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