Imminent Danger Art Dump~!

I’m sure most of you have seen some or all of these pictures, being that you probably started following me via Michelle’s blog, but hey!  I haven’t done anything but work the past few days and I needed something to post.  Hence this art dump, premiering ONE WHOLE BRAND NEW PIECE OF ART!  (Yay!  Surprise Michelle, hope you enjoy!)

Yes, I drew all of these myself.  Many of them were done using SAI; a few I did using Photoshop on the school computers.  (*tear* I miss PS…)  The art belongs to me; the characters belong to Ms. Michelle Proulx.  =D  I’m kind of doing a series where I illustrate parts from the novel?  This just happens because sometimes I get into a drawing mood and have nothing better to do.  (See: could be doing lots of things, but just want to do art, lawlz.)

Have fun looking!  If for some CRAZY reason you haven’t read Imminent Danger yet, do so with extreme haste!  I mean, it’s not going anywhere, but… Dude, it’s just awesome, okay?  PLUS THE PICTURES MAKE MORE SENSE.

So sit back and enjoy as I proceed to have NO continuity whatsoever, change Miguri and the Ssrisk’s designs multiple times, and give Eris an increasingly messy ponytail.  😉


First fanart; picture of the main group. Eris, Varrin and Miguri. 🙂 Still love this one!


Eris finds herself in an awkward situation… Nerds can be cute, too!


And her day just goes further south when Eris is randomly kidnapped by six-armed blue aliens. :I


Urgh, gross! Captain Hroshk of the Ssrisk ship gives Eris a big’ol lick with his nasty lizard-man tongue. Blegh.


Eris finds out she isn’t the only prisoner! She meets Miguri, a little Claktill with a depressing backstory.


SHOOT. The ship is being attacked by a raider! Eris has rotten luck. Lizard-men or mysterious guy in black bodyarmor?? (The Ssrisk design got a changeup.)



Newest picture!! After being kidnapped again, Eris meets her new captor properly… and discovers he is a total hottie. Varrin is cute, but Miguri isn’t convinced–he’s a Rakorsian, one of the aliens who destroyed Miguri’s planet! BUM BUM BUUUUUUM.

Check out that sweet ship window!  That’s the Nonconformity’s view–isn’t it awesome?  I also tried to give it futuristic-y flair with wiggly lines and alien language writing, which I assume a fancy syfy ship would have. :I  But what do I know? xD


2 thoughts on “Imminent Danger Art Dump~!


    Ahem. Your latest drawing is absolute perfection — and it captures every aspect of their characters! Eris with her awkward “Oooh he’s so pretty! Wait, I’m blushing! Stop blushing!”, Varrin all “Yeah, I’m sexy, deal with it,” and Miguri generally irritated with the entire situation. The ship window’s awesome 😀 Rakorsian writing appears to be a strange mixture of Japanese and Korean, lol.

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