As I do the dishes…

Yeah, here we have multi-tasking at its finest happening in the Celeste Household.  I woke up at 3PM, much later than I had intended (although, let’s face it, not really later than I actually thought I would be up,) and had a list of things I wanted to get done before I have to go BACK to sleep for work tomorrow.  But since I have the hardest time focusing these days, I have them all going… at the same time.  Hence, computer open for blogging, laptop and tablet set up for drawing, Xbox running so I can play Fable III, and dishes sitting in a sink full of water, slowly getting colder, so that I can wash a dish or two between everything else.

demotivational poster MULTI-TASKING

But really, don’t do this, it looks horrible. >_>

My dad is giving me looks, but whatever.  Haters gonna hate. 😛

If you’re observant you’ll note that LoG is not listed among those things, but never fear.  Last night I spent some time typing out the next chunk I had written in my notebook onto Yarny.  Haven’t updated the wordcount yet, but it’s not quite done, so I figure I’ll wait till it’s all up there.  And while technically none of this is writing fresh material, playing Fable III has been oddly inspiring on the story front, so I’m hoping that it will spur me along, as well as the looming deadline of my main beta-reader going back to college shortly.  (Yikes!)

Completely unrelated, I had the BEST idea for a little in-between story that I’m going to be writing while I wait for readers to look over LoG and tell me all the things that are wrong with it.  While I COULD just kind of take a break and hiatus during those times, I think it would be best to at least TRY to keep myself going, if only for momentum’s sake.  (You know, objects in motion… yeah yeah.)  And NO, that thing is not LoG 2.  Although there IS a LoG 2, I just want to get myself untangled from the bulk of LoG 1 before I start with the second book.  Especially since at this point I have NO IDEA what I’ll be doing with it.

(Honestly, I think that Life of Gaia is too long, and I’m too newb, for it to have any hope of getting traditionally published–at least right off the bat.  So I’m leaning towards self-publishing, at least for these ones, which will lead to WHOLE NEW PROBLEMS in the future, I imagine.  Stay tuned.)

ANYWAY.  So, while the editing and things are going on, I had this idea for a much more light-hearted and easy-going story that would be a nice break from LoG and all its llama-drama.  It’s basically a Sex-and-the-City-in-space kind of deal.  I realized that in all of my ideas for stories I didn’t really have anything Syfy.  I had a kind of dystopian-future-syfy kind of thing, but it wasn’t really what I think of when I think of Syfy–you know, aliens, ships, planets, etc.  SO, I came up with this, based loosely off of some characters I’d come up with for a different story.  The first one is Mars a Trois,  ha ha, and it follows three women, two alien and one human, through their jobs and romantic entanglements on this ship in deep space.


It probably won’t get finished anytime soon, but like I said, I just can’t get excited about starting Life of Gaia 2 yet, not while 1 is still a baby and requiring so much attention.  Mars will hopefully be something less complicated that I can plan with my girlfriends while we’re drunk, and then have as much fun actually writing. xDD  (Just kidding, of course. 😛  I have fun writing LoG too, when I don’t over-think it.)

ALL RIGHT, time to hit the rotation again.  My next post will probably be me trying to come up with a to-do list for self-publishing.  THAT should be fun!  If anyone has read any really good articles/posts on the subject and wants to link them to me, I would love that!  (Wow, I can never seem to stick to one topic in these posts…)

Laters babes,



4 thoughts on “As I do the dishes…

  1. Mars a Trois sounds fabulous! Will they get into all sorts of ridiculous adventures that will require them to use their seduction techniques and knowledge of futuristic fashion to get them out of trouble?

    • Uhm… Well, yes, there will probably be ridiculous adventures. xD They’re not hookers though, they have day-jobs. (Lol, alien hookers.) But the fashion thing will probably happen. 😉

  2. You’ve got about a month. Your time is ticking. Actually though… I’d probably be more productive in the reading department once I’m away at college, since I’ll be using every excuse not to do homework again. xD
    I’m sure I’ll get the scoop on the whole “Celestial Sex and the City” idea later, but I like the sound of it already! You could even do it in “episodes.” Like each chapter or something is one story arc. That way it can be short, you can happily say you finished something, AND you can mess with the characters all you want and not have to worry about continuity! :0

    • Heyyy! Not only did you read it, you took the time to SIGN ON AND LEAVE A COMMENT! I’m totally touched. And yeah, but Riley wanted to come too, so I mean… we have to have the editing-party while you’re here, and then you can take your copy away with you to school and more productively read it there. 🙂
      And yeah, I think it’s a cute idea!! =D I’ll let you know more when we hang out again. Not that I have a lot, but hey, brainstormin’ yo. ;P And maybe, if I think of how that could work! It would certainly be less pressure, lol.

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