Official Anniversary! (YAY)

YUP.  As WordPress was kind enough to point out to me this morning, today is the actual day I started blogging–yay!  Like I said before, I just can’t believe that despite some bumps in the road I am still here on this site, writing down words about my crazy wannabe experiences and hoping that someone out there will find them useful. 🙂  Perhaps as I age, my ability to stick to things is also growing?  Well, I won’t make any insane assumptions, but that would be nice.

Again, sorry not much is going on, but I had a couple days off work and spent them hanging out with my aunt, whom I haven’t seen much of lately.  (On my dad’s side.)  We put together a giant cat puzzle, made smoothies, took her two tiny dogs out for a walk in the park and promptly got rained on.  (It’s been raining here for 16 days straight.)  It was a good time had by all.  =D  That means that, yes, the writing has gotten shoved to the wayside a bit, but I’ve made arrangements with my friend Amanda to go to her place and write sometime next week.  She’ll keep my nose to the grindstone for a few hours, and I’ll get to look up every once in awhile as she does dress-up games online of her LOTL characters.  So… win/win?  ((I told her that I want to finish soon since she’s the one who will be hosting my editing party and she goes back to school in August!))

LOTL, aka Love on the Line, the story that I kind of co-create with my friends Annika and Amanda. 🙂

I also drew this picture last night!  I finally got my tablet hooked up to my new laptop and installed all the software, so it’s good to go!  I missed drawing–I mean, I can still doodle in a notebook, but I missed these nice finished pics–since it’s something I do for stress relief or when I just wanna chill.  You can see some more of my art over at Michelle’s site, where I’ve been doing fanart pics of scenes from her book, Imminent Danger!  Obviously not really Picasso or anything, but it’s good times. 😉

So just wanted to let you know that I’m going to work on getting back towards the track for my book–NOT SETTING A DEADLINE–just getting back to writing.  Also just wanted to say how happy I was for an OFFICIAL year of blogging.

See you again real soon!


((P.S.  Went to the West Side Market the other day, and got some really tasty Miso soup from the guy at the Noodlecat Stall, who was REALLY cute.  Might have to go back there…  I love the West Side Market anyway.  It’s awesome.))


9 thoughts on “Official Anniversary! (YAY)

  1. Happpppppppppy blogiversary! Quoth my brother: “You’re a real person now!” I’m not sure what that made you before your blogiversary … an unreal person? A surreal person?

    Yay drawing again! I’m going to guess that Love on the Line is some sort of highschool comedy/romance/drama type story? Either way, excellent picture 🙂

    • LOL. Your brother. What a stitch. And also odd. I can get the familial relation. 🙂 (And I have no idea what that would have made me before. IMAGINARY.) But thanks! =D I kind of cheated and celebrated twice, but whatevs. STILL HAPPY.

      ALSO, yeah. xD It was originally sort of a Power Puff Girls grown-up sort of deal about women who had super-powers and fought bad guys who were against love. It’s still sort of like that, but I helped to make it less… strange. (I wouldn’t go as far as to say believable, but maybe less unbelievable?)

      And you would be correct! There’s GrownUp!;Lotl which has them all in their 20s, and then there is HighSchool!;Lotl, where they’re… not. You know. The HS one is the comic version, and since it is a comic the super-power thing is a lot easier to believe. x) BUT THANKS. Yes, drawing. Now I can also get back to Immin Dang art!

      • YUP. That’s the general plot right there. xD AND YEAH. I have today off, so I thought that unless carpal tunnel kicks in I might see how far I get in the next pic, which is Varrin in his black riot gear bustin’ Eris and Miguri from the clink! (Aka ssrisk ship.) Should be AWESOMExINFINITY

      • LOVE IT!!!!! Grashk looks so ferocious! I mean, I know I created the guy, but it’s so different to actually see him drawn out for realz — wouldn’t want to come across him in a dark alleyway, would you? Loving his brown capris 😀 And I love Eris’s expression — it’s like “Oh my stars, what madness is this! Miguri, quick, hand me the smelling salts, lest I faint!” Hahaha I think that’s because I just read “Etiquette & Espionage”, and the ladies often flutter their hands in front of their face right before they faint 😀 Um, Varrin is epic!!! It kind of looks like he’s a cross between Spiderman and like some awesome special forces commando dude. Really excellent action pose, by the way! Ahhhhh love it!!! ❤

  2. Congratulations on reaching one year in the blogosphere. I’ve been at it for about that long, but only really being consistent for a few weeks now. It is interesting to share my thoughts with others in the hopes that others may find encouragement or just understand that we all are on a journey TOGETHER. Keep at it Celeste! Shalom

    • Yay, thanks! 🙂 Good luck on your own blogging adventure! I’ve started all kinds of things, but keeping at this has been awesome. I’ve made great friends, learned some things, and gotten the encouragement I needed to work harder at my writing. Soooo… all things considered, win!

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